The customer service before, during and after-sales is as important as the construction of a new milling plant. For this reason, we have developed a centralized system, O Cloud, for which we continue to invest resources. The latest recent investment is the Pilatus PC-12 NG aircraft that we purchased to further enhance the Ocrim transport fleet.

Technical-commercial customer service plays a central role in our customer satisfaction philosophy and, to offer a proactive service, in an efficient and prompt manner, Ocrim has developed a tailor-made project. It’s called O Cloud, a new centralized virtual system that acts through the sharing of information with customers. O Cloud is born in response to market needs and to the peculiarities of our organization. Since our DNA is rooted in the territory of origin, the heart of Ocrim Service is in the company, where we have technicians and experts that we personally train. To bring this “heart” closer to customers as possible, reducing distances and ensuring a professional and excellent service, Ocrim has devised two strategies: to exclude the possibility of having branches located in every country with which we interact; to exclude the possibility of delegating the customer service to third parties. So, O Cloud comes into play, which will allow each customer to optimize the production process, planning pre-emptive maintenance, increasing the level of automation of the plant to guarantee rapid response of technical needs.

A unique and complete product that embodies the company’s intention to invest in research aimed at developing specific products, those destined to be operative part of core business of each customer. Depending on the nature of the service requested, we can provide not only a remote intervention but also an on-site intervention with skilled technicians. To be faster and more effective, a team of technicians and technologists has been crated who will be able to reach customers thanks to our logistics fleet, to which recently, the Pilatus PC-12 NG aircraft with a long-range cruise of about 3000 km has also been added. Another important investment that we are pleased to share with you because this project also represents, like other industrial technologies, our global 4.0 challenge.