The third and last part of the webinar series concerning Ocrim innovative milling techniques has come to an end. Marco Galli, Ocrim Chief Technologist, in three one-hour lasting sessions, analysed the benefits of Ocrim solutions in order to maximize flour production without increasing the equipment with large investiments. In this article we present a brief summary of  topics and data related.

New Frontiers In Milling

Identifying emerging market trends and satisfy them promptly with innovative solutions is a goal of our mission. Monitoring, market evaluation and innovative design: these are the three main marketing steps that originate most of our products and services. Ocrim tips are an additional helps in order to be even more competitive in the new frontier of milling sector.

Marco Galli, together with our well-known Food Entertainer Anna Buffa, presented Ocrim solutions to maximize production and to increase noble product percentage following a growing demand for premium products. The main goal is obtaining high quality flours, greater competitiveness, higher yield and lower maintenance costs.

This is based on four innovative principles:

  • The adoption of the HIGH EFFICIENCY FLOW (HEF), more effective and performing than the STANDARD FLOW (SF). This new flowsheet leads to optimal results both from a qualitative and organizational point of view because customization is the new frontier.
  • The possibility to improve products quality by using roller mills, based on the concept of the STOCK IMPROVEMENT THROUGH ROLLERMILL (SIR). It is based on the new HEF and leads to a second qualitative improvement and product distribution in addition to the one carried out by purifiers. The aim is overcoming purifiers limits while obtaining lower ash flours.
  • Setting a correct GRAIN-SIZE AND QUALITATIVE DISTRIBUTION of the product that, being more homogeneous, make it easy to properly process products with similar characteristics.
  • A new generation, simple and flexible FLOUR SILO ASPIRATION SYSTEM: in this case three solutions have been proposed (centralized, independent and combined aspiration system) in order to satisfy different needs. The final aim is to significantly reduce cross contamination risk linked to flours mixing.

Webinar Satisfaction

All three sessions have been successful and attended by 87% spectators till the end of the exhibition. Operators coming from 40 different countries all over the world participated in the event. Marco Galli was appreciated for his in-depth technical knowledge and the ability to present high technical topics very clearly. The surveys showed a 91% final satisfaction. The Ocrim team thanks all participants for their interest and is still available to answer any additional questions.

Upcoming Events: “Flour, a world of PASTAbilities”

Don’t miss it! In this special OcrimWebinar our Food Entertainer Anna Buffa will prepare two typical Italian recipes, perfect for homemade dishes during Christmas holidays: can you guess the recipe? Obviously Marco Galli couldn’t missed. While Anna is kneading eggs and flour, he will explain which is the best flour to use, types , nutritional values and milling techniques.

Thursday, December 17th at 10.00 am – In English Language. Click below to sign up:

Thursday, December 17th at 04.00 pm – In English Language. Click below to sign up: