Every day more and more companies choose to produce healthy foods, rich in good nutrients, occupying organic and biodynamic production chains. The demand for noble and whole flours is increasing due to the ability to keep minerals, vitamins, fiber and proteins unchanged. Ocrim and Paglierani’s solution is Biostonemill, the mill specifically designed for stone grinding of fine grains, ancient grains and legumes.

Enhancing stone grinding in the age of technological innovations may seem like a paradox, a bit of a throwback. Actually, it’s quite the opposite: it is a forward – looking step, turning the past into the future. The combination of stone, technology and the best wheat leads to whole flours high in nutritional values. Type 1, type 2 and wholemeal flours fully respects the properties of the true Mediterranean diet which strictly requires to preserve all nutrients contained in grains and legumes. A further confirmation is reported in Cibo (from the Italian newspaper “Corriere Romagna”) which has recently published an article – “The history of millstones” – related to Meloni Mill in San Marino and the benefits of stone grinding.

Biostonemill is born according to these principles. It comes from the combination of  Ocrim and Paglierani’s experience, culture and love for Italian Made. It is a professional stone mill, which assures maximum efficiency, high productivity, grinding quality and low running costs. This is the ideal choice for you if you run agricultural holdings and small farms (which generally works with low quantities of cereals) or if you wish to invest in a short supply chain and in zero kilometer products. Biostonemill is the perfect solution to enhance organic and ancient grains thanks to the slow grinding process: this way the product does not heat up and keeps the proteins, minerals, fibres and vitamins of the wheat germ unchanged. The final result is a fine flour, very tasty, rich and easy to digest.

Every day more and more customers are interested in the stone milling world. Few, who already manages cylinder milling plants, happened to require Biostonemill and we are definitely satisfied with the performance achieved. Being able to offer the healthy taste and wellfare of forgotten flours is nowadays the right strategy in the milling sector, widely shared and appreciated by consumers. Proofs are the recent stone milling plants: Meloni Mill in San Marino, BF Group SpA agricultural holding and the Organic and Biodynamic Farm Il Cerreto di Carlo Boni Brivio in Pomarance.