In Ocrim we have rearranged our resources in order to keep listening to your requests and offering assistance while waiting for this long period of restrictions to come to an end.  In Europe business travelling is allowed and as a consequence we can guarantee our commercial presence, individual sevice&assistance and logistics interventions.

A year has already passed since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic. We would have wished to title this article “Everyone’s free”, but yet… we need to be patient a little longer.

Throughtout the year,  Ocrim never stopped: we have re-organized all our resources in order to guarantee, in an alternative way, our presence, assistance and closeness to our customers. We keep in touch with all of you, respecting at the same time all authorities prescriptions and restrictions. In this historical moment, the slogan “far, but never distant” acquires a new value for our organization: we are still close to you even by new channels, such as this social network, in order to communicate, to write, to tell you our everyday-working-life and listening to your requests.

In this period we have always been operational and able to move around the world, in full compliance with each country regulations and international standards. Since the very beginning closing the distance has become our priority.

At the moment Ocrim staff can travel in Europein compliance with all required security measures since European Union has finally confirmed the possibility to move “for essential and working reasons”. As a consequence, we are proud to inform you that we are self-sufficient and able to guarantee our commercial presence, tailor-made assistance and logistic interventions in the main European countries with our own means.

As well as the fight against Coronavirus goes on, so we resist: we end difficulties with determination, problems with solutions, distance with listening and presence, like we are doing right now, reaching for you on this blog.

We unfolded all our resources to stay side by side to our customers on the path started together, hoping to turn back soon  in being  free citizens of the world.