The NewCo BF Energy Srl has been born from the joint venture between Graded SpA and BF Group SpA. The final goal of the agreement is producing renewable energy for our national agri-food sector: studies have already announced a reduction in environmental emissions of 10,000 tons of CO2 per year. The investment will total 26 million euros in the three-year period 2021 – 2023 promoting the transition and the energy efficiency in supply chains and agricultural processes.


An Integrated & Sustainable Model

Nowadays to address the issue of sustainability is actually one of the greatest challenges in order to face the environmental crisis. An epic change is required: everybody should be motivated in adopting new models of development, starting from the way each one of us produce, consume, think and act. This is, in fact, the economical and social background that has given the birth to BF Energy SrL on December 2020. It is the joint venture between the parthenopean energy efficiency company Graded SpA and BF Group SpA, the largest Italian agricultural company. With this agreement, the NewCo is supporting and developing an integrated model able to seize the golden opportunity of the energy transition in the agricultural sector. The three-year business plan provides for 26 million euros of investment for an amount of almost 15 GW per year of energy production. This has given a clean break to fossil energy sources (3,600 Tep – tons of oil equivalent). The operational phase includes four segments of intervention:

  • the construction of new photovoltaic plants,
  • the restructuring of renewable energy production plants in order to extend its life cycle,
  • the energy efficiency,
  • the production of biomethane thanks to the reuse of biomass.

It is actually a demanding program, focused on the exploitation of all available resources, in order to assure energy efficiency and develop a circular economy: the all program is involving agricultural processes, supply chains and mobility. The remarkable goal is to reduce, every year, about ten-thousands tons of CO2 emissions. Thanks to the specialist skills of Graded SpA and the network of BF Group SpA agricultural operators, BF Energy SrL can achieve the goal.

The Actors Of The Joint Venture

A warm handshake between Vito Grassi, Graded SpA Sole Director, and Federico Vecchioni, Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA Group CEO (Holding listed on the Italian Stock Exchange which controls Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA Società Agricola), has sealed the birth of the joint venture. This is an agreement between two prestigious companies and an example that deserves to be taken into account by the market. By creating BF Energy SrL both companies have achieved a strategic position in the field of environmental sustainability.

The BF Group SpA (especially Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA) contributed with two photovoltaic plants in the joint venture (final value of 1.380 million euros) and delibarated an increase of capital to 2.070 million euros fully subscribed by Graded SpA. Thanks to this operation, the Neapolitan company took over a 60% majority stake in BF Energy SrL.