The new milling plant built for our customer SBCI Industries in Burkina Faso is ready for testing. It was designed with a view to future expansion with the creation of an agri-food hub as a reference point for the sub-Saharan territory.  With a capacity of 600 T / 24h with soft wheat, the new plant is mainly intended for the production of 2 types of flour: for boulangeries and for patisseries.

It is always an honour to assist in the growth of a customer and use the latest technology to facilitate expansion and achieve new goals.  The collaboration with SBCI Industries began 15 years ago when we built the first plant for the processing of soft wheat (capacity 180T / 24 h). Now the company – which is part of the Hajjar Group – has a widespread network of industrial bakeries throughout the territory of Burkina Faso. To meet the growing demand for the product, the company asked us to design a new milling plant with a higher degree of versatility and production potential.

It has a capacity of  600 T / 24h and is mainly intended for the production of two types of flour: for patisseries, i.e. the smaller market of confectionery and small food shops, and for boulangeries and therefore the large bakery market. For the latter, the plant was designed with a bagging potential of 80% precisely to respond promptly to the major demands of a country that is experiencing a difficult period, aggravated by famine. The Hajjar Group is assessing the possibility of creating an agri-food hub to offer the sub-Saharan territory a point of reference that can guarantee the necessary supplies. With an eye to the future, Ocrim has already prepared the plant to cope with a possible expansion.

The plant was assembled when Covid 19 was in full force, in a delicate context made even more difficult by the political and social tensions that have been sweeping the country. Thanks to the constant help and attention of the CEO of SBCI Industries, the Ocrim team was able to work in total safety, and our technicians are now ready to return to Italy after having successfully tested the new mill complex. Ocrim is not stopping there however, and is always ready to support its customers no matter what their needs, and wherever they are in the world.