An opportunity you cannot miss, coming up on April 15th and 16th. The first webinar is starting for the new series on the operation and correct maintenance of Ocrim machines. Experts Gianluigi Stagnati and Giuseppe Beluffi will show you how to keep two machines dedicated to grinding rolls management operational and efficient: the GFI Fluting and Grinding machine and the RSD Roller Status Detector.

Prevention is the best cure” is a universal rule, and it is as applicable and relevant as ever to keeping machines in good working order and optimising management costs. The secret to prevention is the conscious use of the machine and regular maintenance: the correct procedures and the routine maintenance operations make it possible to not lose efficiency, to not compromise on production yield and, sometimes, to avoid economic losses due to sudden machine downtime. This is the theme of the new webinar series dedicated to “Maintenance & Automation” beginning next week. As we mentioned previously in the UPCOMING OCRIMWEBINARS article, this free cycle is intended mainly for technicians, maintenance technicians and workers appointed to the use and control of the machines, but the invitation is extended to all of our customers to increase their knowledge of our plants and machines.

Specifically the event on April 15th and 16th will be focused on the management and use of two major pieces of equipment: the GFI Fluting and Grinding machine and the RSD Roller Status Detector. Gianluigi Stagnati and Giuseppe Beluffi, technicians of the Ocrim team, will illustrate the features of the machines, details that differ from previous models, the correct procedures of use etc… to keep the grinding rolls efficient and functional, monitoring the state and level of wear. The webinar will be held in the new O|Webinar room in the “Roller Mill Assembly” department where the two technicians will illustrate every step on how to correctly use the GFI on the rolls and to check the state of said rolls using RSD, skilfully guided and interviewed by their co-worker engineer and panellist, Nicola Riboldi. Seize this opportunity to learn all of the details and potential of the machines and, especially, to clarify any doubts you may have on their operation and correct use with our experts. 

Thursday April 15 2021 – 10:00am (UTC+2) – In English – Click to sign up

Friday April 16 2021 – 4:00pm (UTC+2) – In English – Click to sign up