We are in Emilia Romagna, where, for five generations, a small family-run mill pours all its passion in the production of high-quality flours. A tradition which, recently, has been bolstered by the installation of the BioStoneMill. The agreement between Molino Gaspari and Paglierani was signed in December 2019; in January of this year, testing was followed by the start of the stone processing process which will make it possible to expand the range of products with wholegrain and semi-wholegrain flours.

Authenticity and home-made flavours are the common denominator that have always characterised the products of Molino Gaspari, a small company based in the Province of Modena (Stuffione di Ravarino, Emilia Romagna). Generation after generation, the Gaspari family has expressed its passion for the art of milling by preserving the non-industrialised character of its production with the choice of Italian grains, products free of additives and preservatives, and by operating with utmost respect for the local area.  A philosophy that has been supported by choices that aim to make the best use of Italian Made and reach excellence. Such choices include the recent decision to produce a line of stone-milled flours. Back in December 2019, at the Paglierani headquarters, Mr Giorgio Gaspari signed the contract for the installation of a stone line with the use of the BioStoneMill. The system, tested last January, is completely independent from the existing cylinder mill, to guarantee the faithful and unadulterated replication of ancient stone-grinding techniques. A tradition that has been revived and reinterpreted to fit the modern, technology-driven reality, in step with the times and the standards required by today’s market. This is the leitmotif that sees the fifth generation apply the values that were close to the heart of the founder, grandpa Ferdinando: producing healthy products without altering all the nutritional properties of the grains.  High-quality characteristics that are fully guaranteed by processing with the BioStoneMill, offering the aroma, taste and properties of forgotten traditional flours that are richer in vitamins, minerals, fibre and enzymes, and more digestible.    

A Visit To The Molino Gaspari Workshop

Over time, Molino Gaspari has carved out a market niche that is recognised and appreciated by numerous brands which it supplies with a wide range of flours. Now, thanks to the BioStoneMill, the range of wholegrain and semi-wholegrain flours has been further expanded with flours made from various grains, such as common wheat, barley, spelt, oats, rye, durum wheat, and rice. The range of ground products offered by the Stuffione workshop is truly rich and varied, as confirmed by the enthusiastic comments published on the Facebook page by consumers and by the participation of the followers who, every day, share tasty home-made recipes that use the mill’s products.