“EFFICIE NCY FOR MILLING ROLLS: GFI & RSD” has been a real success. By Latin America popular request is coming up live the Spanish version on Thursday, April 22nd.How do the GFI Combined Fluting&Grinding machines and the RSD Roller State Detector work and what advantages do they offer? All of the answers, explanations and details in our webinars.

The new format of the webinar review “Maintenance & Automation” held on April 15th and 16th proved to be successful: a “question time” between technicians Nicola Riboldi, Giuseppe Beluffi and Gianluigi Stagnati to illustrate, live, the secrets and features of two machines crucial to the maintenance of a milling plant. During the event, Nicola Riboldi, mechanical engineer and design engineer at Ocrim, interviewed his colleagues, posing the most frequently asked questions that technicians and maintenance technicians have for the company’s assistance service.  Gianluigi Stagnati, expert in fluting&grinding machines, talked about the latest version of the Ocrim model, the GFI, designed to offer simple use and eliminate extraneous elements. Indeed the Ocrim Fluting&Grinding Machine offers two great advantages: the combination of two machines in one, with subsequent savings in terms of investment, and speed in switching from one function to the other. Those who have adopted it have observed in the field that it is a reliable machine, safe and easy to install and use and, most importantly, with maintenance costs reduced to the minimum.

On the other hand, Giuseppe Beluffi, industrial engineer, focused on the use of the RSD Roller State Detector, which detects the wear conditions of the rollers, providing information on detection modes, on how the tool works and the best time to run the analysis and re-vitalisation of the roller. It is crucial to know the conditions of the rollers and scoring to always guarantee the maximum efficiency in terms of grinding. To conclude, it was possible to attend the live demonstration of both machines in operation.

At the end of the event there was a live question period for the audience’s questions: loads of requests mostly coming from South American viewers emerged for a Spanish-language version of the event. Great satisfaction for our team which is glad to announce the Spanish webinar “EFICIENCIA PARA LOS RODILLOS DE MOLIENDA: GFI y RSD” scheduled on Thursday, April 22nd at 16.00 (UTC+2). Click on the link below to sign up:

Giovedì 22 Aprile 2021 – h. 16.00 (UTC+2) – In Spagnolo – Clicca qui per iscriverti

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