The “Maintenance & Automation” webinar series continues. The recording studio is set up with the absolute star of the session: the BioStoneMill.  During the events of May 27 we will talk about the great art of stone milling grains and pulses. An ancient practice, revisited in a modern key, to respond to the increasing requests from the market for whole flours with high nutritional qualities. 

In a short amount of time the BioStoneMill, developed for a niche market, has become a star. Everyone wants it. Both small and large mills are getting organised to set up a parallel line, dedicated to stone milling, alongside a cylinder grinding line. A choice that allows them to broaden the range of what they offer, integrating it with the production of organic whole flours obtained through the simultaneous grinding of bran and germ. This process obtains a high quality product rich in nutrients, thanks to the superior concentration of vitamins, proteins, magnesium, calcium, mineral salts, fibres, essential oils and enzymes.

Essentially the BioStoneMill combines an ancient grinding method with the advantages of a modern and innovative technology to offer the best quality-related performance and “the taste of the good old days” while guaranteeing compliance with the sanitation and safety regulations.


BioStoneMill: Learn From The Past To Plan For The Future

Given the increasing request for information and the growing buzz, we have decided to dedicate an exclusive webinar to the BioStoneMill to look into all of the special features of the stone mill. We are installing the mill in a recording studio to offer tips on the correct use and maintenance of the mill, illustrating in live streaming how easy and versatile it is to manage this machine. As always, you can participate actively in the event with questions and inquiries. The hosts of the event will be Simone Montanari, a mechanical engineer with many years of experience, employed at Paglierani Srl since 2006 as a designing engineer of the BioStoneMill and Simona Digiuni, biotechnologist at the Ocrim spa milling technology laboratory.


From the next OcrimWebinar we will be offering simultaneous translation. The event will be held in Italian, but simply clicking on the “interpretation” button offers every participant the possibility of choosing what language to listen in: English, French or Spanish.

The event with our BioStoneMill experts is scheduled for Thursday May 27:

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