Hôtel de Crillon, Paris (France)– Ocrim and Haif Company have joined forces again to develop an important project in Saudi Arabia. The two companies have been partners for over twenty years. The installations they have worked on together have included Hail, Al Jouf, Jazan, Medina, and the wheat storage silo at the commercial port of Yanbu, inaugurated on 5 September this year. Haif Company commissioned Ocrim to set up this project. Alberto Antolini said, during its completion: “We can only be proud and acknowledge that past and current experiences which our companies have in common will lead to more important shared projects”. And so it was that in Paris on 15 September, Alberto Antolini (Ocrim CEO) and Mansour Ben Haif Al- Kahtani (CEO of Haif Company) signed the new agreement “Dhiba Grain Silos Project” for the development of a 120,000 T wheat storage site at the port of Dhiba for SAGO (Saudi Grains Organization). Ocrim, as sub-contractor, will provide the electromechanical equipment for automating the process of receiving and storing imported wheat directly from the ships.