When it came to choosing the name for this blog, we all agreed: it was to represent the deepest identity of OCRIM and the agri-food supply chain of which it belongs, closely linked to the ITALIAN MADE and based on research, innovation and enhancement of a long agri-food tradition. Many important and so different concepts to each other to be able to evoke them in a simple name.

Our agri-food supply chain runs through Italy: begins in the Po Valley, passes through the “merrymakers” lands of Romagna, the large plowed fields of Emilia and down along Tuscany, up to the blue sea of ​​Sardinia. It speaks for itself, runs to the sides of the heart of productive Italy that allows us to offer a high-quality product. Here is the name: AILATI. We like it, because it represents our philosophy, always at the side of tradition, innovation and customer. If this were not enough and we needed further confirmation, we realize that AILATI is the word “ITALIA” spelled backwards. The dear concept of ITALIAN MADE is present.

In the end we succeeded, our desire turned out to be a possible mission.