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Being a group and sharing ideas give strength and meaning to our team. We work together, each with his own abilities and skills to affirm a flag we are fond of and which will teach future generations that “united we stand, divided we fall”. We express it in our daily work-life. An example? All the “Ocrim Pills” videos are accompanied by our colleagues’ voices-over, not by famous voices, because we also prove the sense of belonging: with the truth of our small imperfections.


The quality of Le Stagioni d’Italia products is the result of a very complex agricultural project, based on an ethical approach to territory, using 100% Italian raw materials and production processes. Let’s find out how pasta, rice and officinal herbs of this brand are born. The experts of Bonifiche Ferraresi tell us through a series of videos.

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How to tell more than 70 years of history in few seconds? By the art, using the noble products that are the result of the processes carried out by the machines and plants that Ocrim produces and manufactures every day… with the passion of all time and the technology of today.


2014 marks an important turning point in Ocrim vision: the concept of Italian Made will guide every strategic choice in the industrial plan. It’s the Italian culture that characterizes the way of working, guarantees a high technological profile and high quality, expresses trust and reliability. These are distinctive values of Ocrim, recognized and appreciated by our customers all over the world. Values that, with pride, we carry forward day by day.


Today we don’t want to talk to you about what we do but about how we are, that is, our way of being a company, values we believe in, choices that have guided us till now. We have a lot to tell you and we have decided to do it through a series of short videos that go straight to the topic. Here are the first 90 seconds that will show who we are.