From next autumn, our historic International Milling Technology School will resume its activities. We are working hard to meet all the numerous requests from all over the world. This year, students will have the privilege of experiencing the high technology of the Milling Hub complex which, for the occasion, will serve both as a milling plant and milling school throughout the courses. A unique opportunity for a full immersion in innovation.

It was long-awaited news and we are finally happy to announce that courses dedicated to applied milling technology will resume in September. The forced break of the last two years has created a long waiting list of requests, received from all over the world, and in these days, we are planning a calendar of dates to give everyone the opportunity to attend school. Our training model has always been recognized and appreciated for the 4.0 concept that is developed through cutting-edge content and practical tests. Ocrim has always offered training, both for personnel of industrial companies and for people who intend to start a new professional journey in the milling sector.

But this year’s big news is that students will have the opportunity to get a hands-on experience: Ocrim expert teachers will guide them through a highly experimental training programme, which will involve the use of cutting-edge technology at the Milling Hub, the milling complex set up by Bonifiche Ferraresi and Ocrim. An ideal place for teaching because it is a unique plant of its kind, fully automated, which offers the best of innovative and sustainable technology.

Life coach Marie Forleo once said something along the lines of, “I can’t think of any successful people who wait until they feel ready to start.” And we agree with her because if we had not been so audacious, we would not have achieved so many important milestones in such a short space of time. Achievements and experience that we are proud to pass on to those who want to acquire security and the right foundation before embarking on a complex – albeit fascinating – path such as that of the milling sector. Since 1965, Ocrim Milling Technology School has been committed to ensuring that students from all over the world acquire know-how and experience so that they can become passionate and expert millers.

If you would like to receive more information about course dates, how to participate, and costs, please email