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Nixtamalized flour is the main topic of the OcrimWebinar scheduled on February 03rd and 04th and directed by Andrea Schintu, Ocrim Sales Manager and Rodrigo Ariceaga, Niztamalized Flour Expert and Molitecnica Srl Sales Manager. The webinar will focus on corn nixtamalization, a common way in processing corn, according to Native American tradition, that generates an elastic mixture rich in bioavailable nutrients. Most of traditional Mexican and Central American food are made with this flour (nixthamal), such as tortillas, arepas, pozole, tamales, tacos.

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2021 has just begun but satisfaction are not slow in coming.  We have received the prestigious recognition of “Historical Brand of National Interest”. To enhance the feeling of belonging to our country and the Italian excellence in production, the Ministry of Economical Development has promoted a special register in which Italian brands with more than 50 years of history can be inserted according to the requirements. Since November 16th, 2020 Ocrim is officially registered as a brand of historical excellence for innovation, sustainability and international competitiveness.

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Every experience of every nature teaches us something. 2020 led us to take a forced break to reflect on our life and our society. We are all ready to face this new year with great strength of mind to overcome the changing and catch the opportunities that lie ahead.  This is the time of resilience: everybody  has the ability and sensitivity to overcome any obstacles and give fresh impetus to oneself existence and business. Happy New Year to you all.


Excellence and sustainability are priority values for our company, we have often talked and written about them. However to keep their integrity they need to be cultivated in human relationships as well. A sustainable organization is like a large family based on mutual help, sharing, listening and respect. Ocrim is all this: a women and men community in which everybody works with enthusiasm, a smile and aware that this is the right path to realize good projects. Each time you come to visit us to our Open Days and meet here in Cremona you give us a great satisfaction: to be able to make you feel the warmth and atmosphere of our home.

For 2021: a chorus of signatures

To make our wishes a little more special for 2021 we prepared a little surprise for our customers. The initiative was received with great enthusiasm and all Ocrim staff met so that each one could sign a copy of the calendar. Our “voices” together are the symbol of our warm and embracing wishes.

Happy New Year

Bonne  année

Ein gutes neues

سنه جديده سعيده

Jahr kainourgios chronos

Selamat Tahun Baru

Frohes neues Jahr

С Новым Годом


Feliz ano novo

Gelukkig nieuwjaar

Feliz año nuevo

Godt Nyttår

Xin nièn hao

Akemashite omedetô

Щасливого Нового року


Maligayang bagong Taon




Each new job is like a journey that begins with a project and ends with a plant ready to be installed. An ever-changing journey, made up of customization, new solutions, sharing knowledge, challenges, confronting, testing.. . and all this with a lot of motivation. From this route a well-studied machine is born, ready to work at its best for a long period. This is thanks to our professional, friendly and helpful staff who work with enthusiasm, in perfect harmony, each day giving the best of itself. This is the only way we can come back home satisfied after working … and happy. A feeling that we are glad to share with all of you as our best wish for these upcoming holidays.


The implementation of the industrial plan of BF HOLDING SPA continues without standstill. Only in recent months it has released a partnership with SDF, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors, harvesting machines and diesel engines; it reached an agreement with TIM and COLDIRETTI for agricultural digitalization, and launched WATER SAVING OPERATION to reduce any waste in Ferrara countryside. Each choice made in BF HOLDING SPA focuses in enhancing Italian agri-food excellence and protecting the land and its resources at the same time.

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