The product range of Le Stagioni d’Italia has been expanded to include a new outstanding product from Italy’s agri-food supply chain. The brand, which is part of the BF Group, has successfully entered the market of frozen food with a pizza made with ancient Senatore Cappelli wheat. After being previewed at the recently International Food Exhibition “Cibus” held in Parma, it is now available on the shelves of the main large-scale retail chains.

The features and exceptional quality of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat are universally renowned. It is Italy’s most prized ancient wheat due to its nutritional value, high protein content and rich, full-bodied taste, which has stayed the same since 1915, when it was first produced. The Cappelli seed is supplied in pure form by SIS (Società Italiana Sementi), a company belonging to the BF Group and the first 100% Italian-owned seed company. The durum wheat semolina is milled at the two milling plants owned by the Group, which are dedicated to the Senatore Cappelli wheat variety in order to ensure that it is as pure as possible (traditional durum wheat semolina at the Milling Hub plant in Cremona, and wholemeal durum wheat semolina in a stone mill in Jolanda di Savoia, in the province of Ferrara). For several years now, Senatore Cappelli pasta has been available on the market with 10 classic and 4 wholemeal products, and has earned the loyalty of a large group of consumers who have come to recognise and appreciate the superior quality offered by a short, organic and sustainable supply chain.

Consumers will now be able to taste the first and only Senatore Cappelli pizza, in the classic and wholemeal versions. It was launched at the 21st edition of the Cibus International Food Exhibition in Parma and offered on Tuesday 24 May, as a preview, to the public and baseball athletes after the friendly match between San Marino and the Italian national team.

This latest product paves the way for entering the frozen food segment, as Francesco Formisano, Managing Director of BF Agro-industriale, stated: ‘This is not an accomplishment for us, but a starting point: over the next few months, we intend to expand the range to include new products, so that we can become a major player in the frozen food sector with our high-quality, certified and traceable products, which are grown on our own land in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way’.

The journey of BF S.p.A., Italy’s largest food group, continues at a steady pace as it aims to expand its range of 100% Made in Italy products under the Le Stagioni d’Italia brand. After being available on shelves in large-scale retail chains for almost five years, and having brought pasta, rice, herbal teas, honey, pulses, oil and – more recently – eggs, “passata” (tomato purée) and Tuscan tomato pulp to consumers’ tables, it is targeting a market worth more than €2 billion. We are certain that the exclusive pizza made with ancient Senatore Cappelli wheat will also achieve a leading position in a market segment that generates €300 million in revenues.

Industrie Rolli Alimentari is the Group’s chosen industrial partner to expand into this market: with more than 70 years of experience, it is a leading producer offering a comprehensive range of frozen food, from pizzas to traditional Italian ready-to-eat meals.