The first machines for the installation of the mill for the processing of grain with stone grinding have been delivered. BioStoneMill, donated by Ocrim to the Agropolis non-profit social cooperative of Cremona, adds another piece to the realization of the “Agro per Agro” project which, upon imminent completion, will give life to a short and sustainable supply chain from organic wheat to social bread and other high-quality baked products. Around the Cascina Marasco agricultural social cooperative, 26 hectares of land have been sown with a cultivation method based on the concept
of agrobiodiversity using evolutionary wheat populations. The experimental agricultural project is supervised by the agronomist researcher Franco Bazzani with the supervision of profs. Salvatore Ceccarelli and Stefania Grando, internationally renowned agricultural geneticists/plant breeders. In
the meantime, at Cascina Marasco, where bread is already made, young people in conditions of social disadvantage have been hired, enthusiastic to know all the secrets of producing good and healthy bread.