The successful collaboration between OCRIM and IAOM (International Association of Operative Millers) continues positively. In the OCRIM Milling Technology School a specialized course held by Mr. Jeff Gwirtz, the IAOM professor. Two weeks – from 12th to 23th March – of dense lessons and practical exercises on the principles of milling.

OCRIM and IAOM: Five Years Together

In 2012, during the event “WHEAT, FLOUR, AND…”, OCRIM and IAOM signed an agreement in order to organized dedicated training courses to managers and technicians specialized in the international milling industry. A collaboration that, in these five years, has given rise to an excellent technical-cultural synergy, expression of diversified skills and experiences, such as those put in place by OCRIM and the American association. For over 100 years, IAOM has been promoting the competence and skills of those who working in the field of wheat and cereals processing in general, giving emphasis to training, with the support of external alliances, to offer an ever-higher standard. The agreement with OCRIM was appreciated by the market and the constant and intense participation of students from all over the world represents the best and most concrete sign of appreciation for the courses offered.

Everything You Need To Know About Milling

In the picture on the side, the gentleman dressed in white is Mr. Jeff Gwirtz, the expert American professor of IAOM. From 12th to 23th March, he was our guest at OCRIM Milling Technology School, in Cremona, together with a group of students from the USA, Lebanon, Israel, Honduras, South Africa and Philippines. The professor held the “IAOM-OCRIM Fundamental of Milling” course, divided into two in-depth sessions: the first session dealt with specific topics and studies on flour, semolina and cereals production and their chemical and biological peculiarities; in the second, instead, the topics ranged from the analysis of the mill sections to the management of crucial points such as cereal moisture and water dosage. The theoretical activities were supported by practical lessons in the workshop, in the laboratory and at the OCRIM customer, Nova S.p.A., based in Felizzano (Alessandria – Italy), where the students were able to apply the techniques learned directly on a mill in full operation.