Ipack-ima 1. Today is the first day of the 24th edition (2018) of IPACK-IMA, the international exhibition specializing in food and non-food processing and packaging. The OCRIM and PAGLIERANI stand (pavilion 3, booth B35-C34) will delight visitors from around the world with a rich programme of events, interviews and news.  We have four days of intense activities ahead of us and we’ll make sure to keep you updated, every single day. Live streaming from 3 p.m.: http://www.ocrim.com/site/stream.html


Come and get involved into our booth at the international IPACK-IMA 2018 exhibition (29 May – 1st June). Every day we’ll publish a blog post and stream a brief video to share with you the most important moments of the day and to explain how OCRIM and PAGLIERANI work. This is your chance to travel in time, through the history of the two companies: our stand, covering over 600 sq.m on two floors, brings together the past, the present and a vision of the future, in the forms and colours of Italian art and culture, distinctive marks of a philosophy rooted in a strong sense of national identity. The red curtain marks the start of an emotional path – videos, images, lights, sounds and objects tell the story of our founding values which are based on the indissoluble union of intellect and manual work: ability, tradition, excellence and technology.  The ability to “do things well” starts as manual skill led by intellect, knowledge and experience. OCRIM and PAGLIERANI set great store on this value as proven with great impact by the video that is playedalong the emotional path and the 3D model of the new roller mill.  Hands that work, shape, build and leave tangible traces in history, like the roller mill designed back in 1963 and displayed at the booth, all the way to the most modern machinery. An ability that is also evident in the structure and design of the booth itself (a project of Doppiopiù architettura + scenografia), that serves as an expression of quality, versatility and minute attention to detail, strictly made in Italy. The snow-white setup of the booth is wrapped in the bright red of the large sheets customised with dynamic cuts, the result of the combination of smart technology with skilled manual work. A striking, elegant and welcoming space. In the area dedicated to art, Federico Santini, well-known and eclectic painter of murals, will paint each day a section of a large wall (3m x 4.6m) on the theme “the dream becomes a sign”. The manual skill theme then leads you to two sculptural pieces of machinery: the BioStoneMill, the perfect synthesis of art and tradition for stone grinding, and the “Faro”, a steel sculpture, born in the wake of the dispute between light and shadow. The sculpture, created by the Italian artist Leonardo Blanco, illustrates the relationship of freedom and slavery: the chains are suddenly broken by a double ray of light.  The double light of the lighthouse shows the way to peace through the stormy sea of existence.

If you want to be kept up-to-date on the events at our booth, follow us every day on our streaming channel http://www.ocrim.com/site/stream.html