End users, increasingly sensitive to the health conditions of what they eat, ask for products whose processing allows them to preserve the highest degree of nutrients and fibres. The prompt response of OCRIM is called BioStoneMill, an industrial machine that combines the technology of modern milling with the characteristics of a traditional stone mill.

A Successful Union

Until recently it was considered a niche production, now things are definitely changed. There are more and more consumers who choose products made with whole grains, that keep intact dietary values, especially vitamins and minerals, and that are rich in fibres, responsible for the proper functioning of the gastro-intestinal system. These products are made with wholemeal flours that contain 100% of the grain or type “2” or “1” which, if obtained with a slow grinding – typical process of the traditional stone mill-, preserve intact the nutrients and organoleptic properties of the cereal. To give mills the opportunity to introduce these flours into them own production range, OCRIM has designed and produced the BioStoneMill, a machine that incorporates the characteristics of the ancient milling tradition applied to modern industrial concepts. Of course, it cannot replace the roller milling, thanks to which other products are produced, such as “00” flours, a wide variety of diversified products with additives and mixtures, various by-products for various productions and feed mills.

BioStoneMill: Simple And Independent

The machine has been designed to offer the maximum performance and to be easily integrated with the production cycle. It is very easy to install, adjust and clean and requires minimal maintenance. It is ideal in a “short supply chain” context, because it is designed to work in independent way, therefore also suitable for small production lines. BioStoneMill is extremely versatile and able to process many types of cereals and legumes: soft and hard wheat, corn, rye, barley, rice, oats, kamut, broad beans, lentils, chickpeas and various spices. Flours are obtained with superior nutritional qualities and with irregular granulometry such as wholewheat flour and semi-wholemeal flour with two by-products. The resulting baked product has a particular and recognizable color of the crust, a more intense aroma, a more decisive taste and a high digestibility. Finally, thanks to the exploitation of the whole germ, the high concentration of Group B vitamins and minerals, essential for the proper functioning of the organism (calcium, magnesium), makes a product with a beneficial and valuable added value for the health.