It’s the quality of 100% Italian wheat that has opened the doors to Pasta Ghigi 1870 into large-scale retail organization. 70% of the production is marketed in Italy through Coop, Conad, Sigma brands and, in the USA, Kroger and Aldi. In just over 2 years Ghigi has doubled the supply of pasta sold with Kroger’s private brand, the world’s largest retail in the food sector.

The Large-Scale Retail Organization Rewards Quality

In a few years the consumption trends of private labels have changed significantly: from the initial consumer distrust who preferred the best-known industrial brands, to the current trend to buy the products with the store-brand as a normal buying habits of Italians. A choice that isn’t influenced by the propensity to save, but by the practical verification of the good quality proposed by the various brands of the large-scale retail organization. The Italian consumer, therefore, is in line with other European and overseas countries, rewarding quality at the best price. The commitment of the large-scale retail organization in this direction is more and more marked, so much to propose a selection of products representative of the excellences made in Italy. A propensity that meets the favor of the markets and that the pasta factory Ghigi fully interprets thanks to a 100% Italian production chain. A philosophy that has allowed Ghigi to enter into retailer national stores such as Coop, Conad, Sigma and the US Kroger and Aldi. It is no coincidence that the packaging destined for the US market is clearly highlighted by a wording that makes the difference: “slow dried pasta from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, crafted with golden amber durum wheat semolina“.


Ghigi is Rapidly Expanding

The Ghigi brand is marketed all over the world, including in the United States through Ghigi Food LLC, where Ghigi holds a share of 32% with Italian-American partners. The pasta branded Ghigi represents 30% of global production, while 70% is packaged with private label packaging of major domestic and foreign food retailers. In the retail outlets of the Italian retailers Ghigi is present with more pasta shapes dedicated to the line produced with durum wheat semolina, organic line and whole wheat line. In the retail outlets of foreign retailers, instead, Ghigi is present, with private label products, at American retailing company Kroger, the world’s largest retailer in the food sector, through the “Private Selection” range. Kroger has passed from the purchase of around 16.235 quintals (2017) to the current approximately 44.926 quintals (estimated goal by 2018) divided into 13 references of long and short pasta. The latest reference recently introduced is “Cut Ziti”. Thanks to its philosophy, Ghigi finds more and more space within the large-scale retail organization, so much so that it’s currently closing other contracts.