Now you can also buy online some of the main references of the “Le Stagioni d’Italia”, the brand launched by Bonifiche Ferraresi on last May. Pasta, rice, herbal teas, legumes and cereals represent the excellences of the great Italian agriculture that have been selected by Destination Gusto, the online shop of good Italian made food.

From November 16th the journey from the field to the table is even faster. In just a few months of life, the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand has already come a long way: in addition to its presence in the main GDO brands, it’s now also present on the Destination Gusto e-commerce platform. The online shop site, reserved for good food Made in Italy, offers a wide range of products under the brand “Le Stagioni d’Italia” (, true excellence of taste that cannot miss in the pantries of lovers of good food. Senatore Cappelli bronze-drawn pasta, Arborio and Carnaroli rice from the Po Delta I.G.P., cereals and legumes chosen from the Italian specialties and, finally, herbal teas from officinal plants (depurative herbal teas or with chamomile or with peppermint), are the products available in the various kits that can be purchased online. Destination gusto online shop ( is the result of an initiative by Banca Intesa Sanpaolo to support and increase commercial and promotional opportunities for companies that symbolize Italian agri-food excellence. All the references available in the virtual store have common values: respect and attention of high quality of raw materials, craftsmanship of the production process and typical of territory, strictly Italian. Conceived as a true workshop of the artisan traditions, the shop allows the user to know, in detail, the products and producers. Selecting the product of interest, such as for example the Senatore Capelli pasta, you can access to the product sheet that includes indications concerning the organoleptic qualities, the related nutritional table and the history of Bonifiche Ferraresi. An important partnership for the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” that wants to be close to the consumer, both Italian and foreign, with the possibility to buy online the best products with 100% Italian high-quality agri-food supply chain.