‘We didn’t just want to inherit our work from our ancestors; we borrowed it from our children.” (inspired by the words of Chief Seattle – 1852) 

“Another year has passed, my tenth to this helm.
Telling the story of the successes of the past would be banal, assumed those of the future. Instead, sharing a personal exchange of opinions, in one of moments of “fear”, between two brothers I hope can once again strengthen the spirit that our father wanted to transmit”- Alberto Antolini

It Was Back In 2013…

Sergio Antolini – Ocrim President: “Italy today is scared, in a bad mood, afraid of the future. Instead I’m convinced that Italy has a great opportunity for recovery and development ahead of it. A chance for rebirth, a new season. It’s possible to get out of Italy’s period of the great crisis, more optimistic than before. Because there are those in the country who resist the crisis and start again. The global world is a great opportunity for a country like ours, the capital of beauty and art, of design and creativity. Because the world of tomorrow – not only United States but also China, India, Brazil – is full of consumers who would like to buy our products, dress like us, live like us. We have riches that no thief will ever steal, beauties that no counterfeiter can ever imitate, knowledge that no company can ever delocalize. It isn’t true that children will be worse off than their fathers: the future depends on us and may be better than the present. The celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification was a success: we, Italian citizens, understood that we truly loved it. But there’s one thing we still lack: the trust in ourselves. We must instead remember that our country is not whatever country and we must be aware of who we are and what we can do “.

Alberto Antolini – Ocrim CEO: “All is true, my dear Sergio. There will be no future if we continue to be full of themselves and not think that today’s sacrifices will be tomorrow’s success. Italy has lost too many years living memories without looking for new forms, new goals and new bets. Today’s sacrifice will be the future of tomorrow. This is the challenge of our generation: winning or losing, it’s our turn. It is not necessary to put life at stake as happened to our grandparents and fathers in wars, but we need to put our humility and spirit of sacrifice into play by starting from the values of origin. I don’t know how many, until now, have easily identified themselves with this entrepreneurial figure or are willing to do so in the future “.

We have never projected the vision of our activities over a period of time: not YESTERDAY, not TOMORROW and not even a YEAR. Simply to INFINITE.