The Brand Identity is “the heart and soul of a brand”. It transmits visually changes, emotions and symbolic meanings that go beyond words. Today we tell you the steps of the stylistic evolution of the Ocrim wordmark, as an expression of choices, of continuous and renewed corporate energy.

Storytelling of Ocrim Logo

With its own logo, a company tells its story, talks about its identity, its evolution through the years and, in a sense, also about the habit and trend of the moment because it represents the emblem of an era. Its history begins with the name and the history of Ocrim originates from the acronym of “Officine Cremonesi Impianti Molini”. In 1945, the logo was made with an italic font, like a calligraphy writting, that reflected the style of those times – today we would call it vintage – and it evoked the sense of tradition with all its values such as authenticity.

After ten years the first restyling takes place, always in the simplicity of black and white, characterized by a capital letters writing, becoming “stronger” and more explicit. A symbol was also inserted that underlines the industrial vocation of Ocrim, but above all it communicates an important change: the modification of business name in “Ocrim S.p.A. – Società per l’Industria Meccanica”. As we have already told in a previous blog post, 50s were the years when everything was needed and in addition to the mills, Ocrim also produced dispensers-refrigerators for Coca Cola, mixers for butter, etc.  

1985 is the turning point year. The corporate structure changes, the image of Ocrim as an international company is consolidated and, once again, the logo underlines this transition, giving Ocrim a more contemporary identity, characterized by an innovative design and by well-marked letters. For the first time the color appears, red color like the machines produced in the firm. A non-random color that brings with itself the symbols of dynamism and passion for the work that characterize Ocrim employees.

In 2008, with the advent of the Antolini family, the Italian flag was inserted on the leg of “M” letter, now moved to “O” letter. An apparently small variation but conveys great significance because it enhances the company mission, totally oriented to the diffusion and promotion of Italian Made quality. The logo clearly expresses Ocrim Brand Reputation. The pay-off “Your Italian Partner”, now modified in “Walk The Italian Way” following a series of productive and financial actions that Ocrim has undertaken thus, thus becoming a key part of the agri-food supply chain, makes it explicit.

The last graphic project is of the present day. With the simple “O” letter, the communication takes on a more symbolic appearance; it becomes an icon, emblem of a universal language of which Ocrim is the bearer. The visual identity is enriched with other identifying logos: O|School, O|Service, O|Museum, O|Openday and a precise corporate identity is structured with the latest born: Milling Hub and Milling Hub Masterclass logotypes. These represent a new chapter of the Ocrim strategy aimed at guaranteeing the traceability of 100% Italian processed product making available to customers customized milling plants for an exclusive use, with the absence of management costs. A “one to one” relationship as graphically indicated by the monogram of the “M” letter composed of two opposite numbers 1.