Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have chosen Ocrim to contribute to development and modernization process of the milling industry. For over ten years, Ocrim versatility and innovative technology have offered diversified and cutting-edge solutions to the world’s leading flour exporting countries, guaranteeing consistent high-level productivity.

Ocrim In The Black Sea Region

The post-Soviet states include some of the largest flour exporters in the world: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan which, from a geopolitical point of view, belong to “the Black Sea region“. In these countries, for some years now, a development and modernization process of the milling industry has been under way. A process to which Ocrim, over the past decade, has contributed substantially by making its know-how available both for customized projects and for the supply of traditional solutions. The common denominator of all supplies is always the growing attention to qualitative and food safety matters.

Ocrim versatility and cutting-edge technology are among the features most appreciated by companies that require diversified and specific solutions such as, for example, the guarantee of a high level of hygiene in food processing, solved by offering stainless steel machinery. Also, in terms of automation, the rise of Ocrim, in the market of the former Soviet Union, was favored for its ability to simplify the work inside the mill and to propose innovative systems for the supervision, control and management of information, with the aim of ensuring high levels of performance. Furthermore, for the production of organic flour, many companies have chosen Ocrim as the ideal partner, thanks to the path that the Cremona-based company has undertaken for a couple of years with the project of the supply chain “The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice“.

Ocrim’ s Mark

In Russia Ocrim is the official partner of the major pasta manufactures: Makprom and Makfa. After about ten years, Makprom, a CI Group subsidiary, has again chosen Ocrim for the construction of a new durum wheat semolina milling plant, with a capacity of 400 T/24h ( In the city of Cheljabinsk, Makfa has two semolina mills provided by Ocrim, one featuring a capacity of 330 tpd and another one with a capacity of 360 tpd. In Kazakhstan Ocrim has gained the trust of important companies such as Agrimer-Astyk, belonging to the Agromean group, and Kostanay Melkombinat who have identified Ocrim as their interlocutor.

In fact, in Kokshetau city, the new Agrimer-Astyk 200 t/24h plant, designed and built by Ocrim for the LLC company Agrimer-Astyk for the processing of organic durum wheat, was tested last June ( Kostanay Melkombinat JSC, instead, turned to Ocrim for the reconstruction of the milling section of its 300 T/24h mill, providing stainless steel roller mills for greater attention to sanitation and, therefore, for a high-quality final product to be processed at the pasta factory for their Korona pasta line. Also in Belarus, the presence of Ocrim is very strong: an example is Borisovsky Melkombinat company, one of the top player in pasta manufacturing in the country, which boasts a milling plant with a capacity of 200 tpd located in the town of Borisov, built by Ocrim some years ago to feed the company’s pasta factory.