There were also Ocrim and Le Stagioni d’Italia. On the last weekend of September (27-29), the county seat of Emilia-Romagna hosted the Coldiretti itinerant event for the first time. In a space of 50 thousand square meters and more than 120 gazebos, visitors were able to taste and purchase the excellences produced by the best ambassadors of Italian agriculture. Keywords: Italian excellence, well-being and wholesomeness.

Also In Bologna #stocoicontadini Event

Weekend of September 27-29 – The Villaggio Coldiretti (Coldiretti Village) did a stop-over in Bologna, attracting over 600 thousand visitors. For three days the city of Felsina has dressed up the yellow colour of Coldiretti, involving young and old in a whirlwind of tastes, aromas, laboratories and agricultural activities. The Campagna Amica Market has transformed the heart of the city into a real farm where every food was unique and exclusive due to the excellent characteristics of the farms that produced it.

There were typical products of all the regions of Italy, representing a culture and an inimitable food tradition for quality and variety. There were tens of thousands of farmers at the initiative together with Coldiretti’s president Ettore Prandini and Coldiretti’s general secretary Vincenzo Gesmundo. Speakers included Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Agricultural Policies Teresa Bellanova, Governor of the Emilia Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini and many other personalities from the institutional and political world.

Many topics were addressed, including the fight against climate change with the presentation of the Coldiretti Report “SOS Climate for Italian agriculture”, the sector that experiences the consequences of climate change more than any other. 50 thousand square meters of space: from Parco della Montagnola – one of the oldest and most central green areas of the city – to the two adjacent squares, Piazza XX Settembre and Piazza dell’Otto Agosto.

Visitors were thus able to walk among more than 120 farm gazebos, stopping to taste, purchase and learn about the origin and history of many appetizing foods. Impossible to resist so many flavours. Italian excellence, well-being and wholesomeness, are the keywords that better describe this event. Ocrim, therefore, could not miss this appointment with its stone mill “Biostonemill”, the result of the union between avant-garde and tradition, which fully reflects the spirit of the Village.

So much curiosity among the visitors, welcomed by our colleagues at Ocrim stand, ready to give explanations about the milling art. Also “Le Stagioni d’Italia” among the exhibitors, whose presence was also a must as many of its productions come to life in Emilia-Romagna region, and precisely in Jolanda di Savoia (in the Province of Ferrara). Visitors could choose from a wide range of products such as pasta, rice, herbal teas, legumes, cereals, honey, oil and the TartaLove gift box (a selection of 9 “Le Stagioni d’Italia” products), whose purchase includes a small donation to the association for the protection of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta).