It is Ocrim tradition to organize an event to celebrate Christmas time. All through these years we have held concerts, meetings and parties to wish a Merry Christmas to our customers, employees and partners. It has always been an important appointment for all of us and now more than ever because it is a symbol of rebirth and hope.


Let’s Put It All Together

Music is a universal language able to go beyond any walls, right straight to people’s hearts. This year, like never before, we’d wish to welcome you in a choral embrace and, taking advantage of the upcoming holidays, we have decided to rely on music. According to an Italian saying, “party preparations are more exciting than the party itself” and it is likely to be true considering how much involved we are. It has been days since when preparations for our Christmas wishes started. In this video we desire to collect some of the backstage highlights.

Rehearsals began in our Ocrim museum, where musicians, technicians and operators have met. There is no better setting to give a sense of continuity to this tradition that we are used to repeat with enthusiasm every year. Voices and sounds bounce between an ancient roller mill, a vintage machinery and more than 70 years of history. Scores are read and instruments are tuned, there is a buzz in the air.

Of course, in Stradivari homeland violins could not be missing, actually, they are the real protagonists. Rehearsals keep going on in Ponchielli Theatre, a neoclassical gem in Cremona: the concert is ready for recording, curtains have been drawn and the show begins. There is still a lot to do, but we will be right on time to spread our Christmas greetings. Don’t miss it!