A great and total deal between Ocrim and “Il Cerreto” di Pomarance (Pisa) farm. The new grinding plant, tested on 20 July, combines a traditional stone and a cylinder mill. This is the perfect solution for an organic and biodynamic company which bases its philosophy on a deeply sense of responsibility towards nature and healthy food.

Excellence Is Born From TheMatch Of Tradition And Innovation

It is enough to scroll through a dictionary, looking for the meaning of innovation and tradition, to find out that these are two opposing terms. Yet when it comes to technology these two projects “go hand in hand”, each one showing the best of itself. This issue is discussed every day more, sometimes in terms of a fashion trend, but mostly as a real solution, able to  respond to the latest market demands. This is Ocrim suggestion, especially when it’s a customer wish to expand its own production range by offering  healthy semi-whole flours. That’s the case of the “Il Cerreto” farm:  500 hectares of organic and biodynamic crops between the sinuous Pisan hills.

For the owners, Carlo and Paola, this is far more than an a job: it is a lifestyle choice, a philosophy that revolves around life, in which no one predominates above the others or plants, animals, minerals. According to this philosophy men only have one goal in common: maintaining the healthy and fertile environment by deploying a sustainable circular economy. In order to achieve this goal they looked for a milling plant able to process soft and hard grains, cereals and legumes while fully preserving all their organoleptic and nutritional properties. They turned to Ocrim in the name of its experience, its innovative technological skills, its respect for the land and, in particular, the enhancement of Italian Made. This was a hard task that required, in  fact, the design of a 500 kg / h plant able to combine the traditional stone mill technique, using the well-tested BioStoneMill, to a cylinder mill. This kind of plant required a unique and tailor-made flowsheet in order to match both types of milling. The best of tradition and the best of innovation to obtain respectively the flavors of the past and to guarantee reliability and safety. Together for excellence.

Carlo e Paola were inspired by the German theosophist  Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), byodinamic creator, to turn to the Earth the ancient living energy. The “Il Cerreto” farm production involves legumes, flours, soups, cereales, tomato products, durum wheat pasta, durum wheat pasta dried at low temperature, spelled and ancient durum wheat.