“Cremona land of excellence” is an emotional report made by Linea Verde, a famous Italian TV program. It tells about an industrious city of a thousand facets: it is known worldwide for its ancient violin-making art and for its rich artistic and cultural heritage, however this video reveals that there is so much more to discover and appreciate. That is why Ocrim is proud to be part of this town and to contribute in the development of its community with plans, actions and projects.

Journey Into The Future

Inland port air view. Milling Hub site.

 54 minutes full of news, traditions, curiosities, excellent products, handcrafts, famous characters, historical and artistic notes. The Italian TV program “Linea Verde”, conducted by Beppe Convertini, Ingrid Muccitelli and Peppone, talks about Cremona and its resources. Thanks to its geographical position, in the center of the Po Valley, it set its economy on agriculture and played a fundamental role in the commercial development of the city. The shot from above captures the largest inland port in Italy. In this regard, in order to bring the port to its ancient vitality, Ocrim is carrying out an important project in its canal: Milling Hub. In order to strengthen the agri-food chain, excellence in the Italian Made, the first pole for wheat milling was created in partnership with Bonifiche Ferraresi and with the farmers of the Agricultural Consortium. This agri-food chain is one of the most prestigious excellence in Italian Made and deserves to be preserved and to keep its record in the UE according to number of employees and the value of the production.

Air view of Ocrim historical headquarters

Later on his journey Beppe Convertini recalls that during first outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, Cremona was one of the most affected areas; however thanks to its citizen temper and the support of its companies, it was able to resist, facing the emergency with courage and determination. In those months in which healthcare facilities were in shortage of medical aids, Ocrim promptly contributed by launching a “community welfare” action donating 100,000 euros to the Arco Association. Five special beds for prone-supination were provided to the pneumology department of Cremona and Crema hospitals.

Then as today, Ocrim continues on its business without any interruption in order to offer stability to its 300 employees and support Cremona economy, according to a territorial governance point of view.

Of course, the video emphasizes Cremona’s greatest distinctive feature: music and all its surrounding made of artisan workshops, luthiers, an international school of violin-making (recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity), musicology faculty, the museum and honoring those who have spread the violin-making art all over the world, such as Antonio Stradivari.

The Linea Verde report continues by visiting the Torrazzo, the tallest masonry bell tower in Europe, in order to discover the secrets behind the mechanism of the largest ancient astronomical clock in the world.  Last but not least this small town is rich in typical food products such as tasty artisan nougat, mustard, cold cuts and much more.

Ocrim is honored to be part of Cremona and this all: thanks to Linea Verde for this well-rounded and accurate story ending with a tribute to two famous Cremonese characters, Ugo Tognazzi – famous actor -and Mina. We rely right on the words of the “Tiger of Cremona”, singer of unforgettable songs, to send you our wishes and hopes: “But then the band arrived and everything passed by”.

You can enjoy the complete episode on Italian TV, RayPlay – Linea Verde: https://www.raiplay.it/video/2020/11/Linea-Verde-Cremona-terra-di-eccenze-766c7caa-77b7-4ada- b6e5-befc78ebbc47.html