The implementation of the industrial plan of BF HOLDING SPA continues without standstill. Only in recent months it has released a partnership with SDF, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors, harvesting machines and diesel engines; it reached an agreement with TIM and COLDIRETTI for agricultural digitalization, and launched WATER SAVING OPERATION to reduce any waste in Ferrara countryside. Each choice made in BF HOLDING SPA focuses in enhancing Italian agri-food excellence and protecting the land and its resources at the same time.

Between the goals of BF SPA industrial plan the optimization of agronomic management emerges. The decrease of cultivation costs and the increasing in yields, according to the environment, can only be achieved through innovative processing techniques. In this context Bonifiche Ferraresi latest agreements assume their meaning. As the CEO Federico Vecchioni states: “Nowadays  technology and innovation are essential in every passage of agro-industrial supply chains. It is one of the most dynamic and modern fields to apply new technologies: consequently new highly qualified jobs are created in different segments, starting from satellite data analysis, coding and new softwares creation”.

4.0 Agriculture will reach for the highest development  and promote the economic recovery of the country only by using innovative tools. That is the reason why it is essential to carry the ultra-broadband to Italian farms: the latest  agreement between TIM, Coldiretti and the BF HOLDING SPA is the proof of a concrete commitment for the digital transformation of Made in Italy agri-food. This choice will help with the  digitalization of inland and rural areas, encouraging the use of all those innovative applications that involve fiber and related services. The goal is to reach  10% of the cultivated area in Italy within two years.

A great example is the Water Saving Operation, the type of technology used by Bonifiche Ferraresi to cultivate the Ferrara land without any water waste. In the Jolanda di Savoia estate, probes, satellites, drones, weather stations, data and self-driving tractors are used to give crops only the water needed, when needed, increasing the yield of the soil, reducing the use of fertilizers and,as a consequence, the environmental impact. In this video you can see the amazing pictures of the agricultural estate and the technological characteristics of the irrigation plan illustrated by the BF HOLDING SPA agronomists. This irrigation system allows to prevent plants water stress saving a considerable amount of water.

A further partnership was signed on July 30th between the BF HOLDING SPA and SDF from Treviglio, an Italian group that ranks among the world’s leading tractors and agricultural machines manufacturers. During an event placed in the Group estate in Santa Caterina di Cortona, 200 guests attended demonstrations in the open field and learnt about 4.0 agriculture issues and intervention methods. SDF Group machines are able to perform plowing, harrowing, precision sowing, towing and potatoes harvesting (among the most re-known brands are Deutz, Same and Lamborghini). Also, the specific models for fruit and grape harvesting aroused great interest, proving high efficiency and handling. Federico Vecchioni, at the end of the event affirmed that BF HOLDING SPA “… thanks to SDF support, intend to prove the company focus on choosing agricultural machines that share the same philosophy and partners who strongly believe in the Italian territory “.