2021 has just begun but satisfaction are not slow in coming.  We have received the prestigious recognition of “Historical Brand of National Interest”. To enhance the feeling of belonging to our country and the Italian excellence in production, the Ministry of Economical Development has promoted a special register in which Italian brands with more than 50 years of history can be inserted according to the requirements. Since November 16th, 2020 Ocrim is officially registered as a brand of historical excellence for innovation, sustainability and international competitiveness.

It was 1945 the year in which Ocrim took its first steps in the industrial world: it was a hard time because of the difficulties and challenges due to the postwar period. Over the years Ocrim has been able to develop a technical know-how and a deep knowledge of the worldwide food market and the different cultures beyond. This is how it gain a recognized and universal leadership in the milling world. 75 years of gradual and constant growth based on few rooted values: tradition, research, innovation, sustainability and the enhancement of the Italian Made. These are, in fact, the criteria adopted by the Ministry of Economical Development to establish, in January 2020 (Italian Decree Law April 30th, 2019 n.34), the Register of Historical Brands of National Interest.

It is an institutional tool reserved for corporate brands that have been operating incessantly at least for 50 years, defending and enhancing the Italian Made excellence all over the world. It is a great satisfaction to corroborate that Ocrim is included, being operational for over 75 years. This is way we are delighted to report that on November 16th we received from the Ministry of Economical Development the announcement that Ocrim was officially listed in the Special Register of Historical Brands, number 59. It is a sort of additional certification of our Italian spirit, imprint and link to the country. We’ll keep expressing it daily as we have always done through our agro-food chain. We are proud to share with you this new piece to the puzzle of a successful history that began with slightly more than 20 people and a small milling workshop in 1945.