The long planning stage, which was completed last month, involved disparate and specialist skills and resulted in a one of a kind centre. This entire complex, bearing the Ocrim brand, is intended for the processing and treatment of milling rollers. The centre will be set up at the site of the Cremona Canal Port, near the innovative Milling Hub.

The OCRIM Research&Development department has recently had to work hard to develop increasingly innovative projects and solutions that can successfully face the challenges of the future. This latest significant project concerns the heart of the mill: the milling rollers. The constant quality of the milled product over time is directly proportional to the wear resistance of these components. Due to the importance of the rollers, OCRIM has invested many resources to achieve a result of high technological content with its titanium coating: this completes the production cycle and guarantees greater resistance to wear on the surface as well as a longer life cycle.

In order to include this last operation the company choose to create a “hub” specifically for the processing and treatment of rollers mill also developing a logo capable of conveying  the value and the uniqueness of the project.

A Revolutionary Project

It involves a structure with highly innovative content, unlike any other on the Italian and international milling scene, which will bring together all the equipment required for processing and treatment of the milling rollers. The complex was called Fluting Hub as an allusion to the OCRIM fluting machines in the shed and to create a direct link to the nearby site of the Milling Hub. The name itself is the result of a progressive and broader development of the project. The original plan was to set aside an area for fluting and milling machines, a sort of “Fluting detachment system”. The project quickly went ahead and a real department was set up that could accommodate the entire range of machines for the processing and treatment of rollers. The processing cycle involves the use of a series of OCRIM milling machines, a machine to perform dynamic balancing, a series of fluting machines of various lengths all made by OCRIM, a washing system, and another system for the titanium coating of the rollers. There will also be a metrology room in the department for checking the size of the roller and a series of tools for assessing the quality and safety requirements of the processing carried out.