Today we celebrate the 51st World Earth Day, an annual event that has seen an increase in international participation, mobilising over one billion people. Man’s health depends on the health of the environment and the recent studies on Covid-19 confirm the close link between these two important topics. For a long time now, our production and supply chain, The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice, has been committed to developing a business that is sustainable in the long term; we have been adopting an ever-growing number of choices that are compatible with green economy.

Earth Day is the best-known global environmental manifestation. Introduced in 1970 by the United Nations to promote the protection of the Planet, it aims to increase awareness on environmental issues. It is celebrated every year, on 22 April; it involves 193 Countries, over one billion people, and is the occasion for the organisation of numerous initiatives to sensitise public opinion to the need for more individual responsibility where sustainable consumption is concerned. The current pandemic has, like never before, shone a spotlight on the extent to which each individual action impacts on others. The Austrian physicist Fritjof Capra states that “nature and living beings are not isolated entities, but ‘living systems’ in a close relationship of interdependence with the entire system: the health of the individual depends on the health of the entire Planet, from the micro- to the macrocosm.” It follows that the efforts we all make should focus on the creation of an ecosystem of well-being, a target that can be reached by following the action plan of the 2030 Agenda, a document signed on 25 September 2015 by 193 United Nations Countries to share the commitment to guarantee a better present and future for our Planet and the persons who inhabit it. According to the guidelines of the 2030 Agenda, the three dimensions of sustainable development concern the economy, the environment, and society. Only by promoting the integrated growth of all three components will it be possible to create well-being for all the peoples of the world.

 The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice For Sustainability

For several years now, all the parts that make up our production and supply chain have been implementing choices that are following this path, conscious of the fact that sustainability is key to profitability and to the brand’s reputation. As far as we are concerned, Sustainability is synonymous with research, investments and innovation, as exemplified by the research centre for sustainable agriculture, founded in partnership with Agri2000 to offer services and training to the entire agri-food production and supply chain around the Mediterranean, or the birth of BF Energy a few months ago in order to improve the efficiency of the entire energy sector of the group, reducing fossil fuels consumption, or even the constant commitment to produce authentic, local food, rigorously Made in Italy, by a short and controlled supply chain and with selected raw materials. These are the values on which the brand Le Stagioni d’Italia is founded. To this we can add investments in cutting-edge systems in the field of Smart Farming, for the increasingly more prudent management of resources.

The Milling Hub itself – the brainchild of Ocrim Spa and Gruppo Bf Spa – has been designed in accordance with principles of sustainability and energy savings: alongside a sizeable photovoltaic system, it houses a cutting-edge ventilation system that can recycle the air produced in the mill, and a temperature and humidity stabilisation system.

In recent years, the R&D department of Ocrim has developed ground-breaking machines and systems, always with a view to saving energy: from the smart system that uses synchronous reluctance motors created for the Gaetano Roccasalva Mill, to the innovative energy-saving system designed for a plant in North Dakota. Not to mention the assistance lent to companies who have a long history of sincere commitment to sustainable development that is based on respect for the earth and local products, such as the Gino Girolomoni Agricultural Cooperative or the Organic and Biodynamic Farm Il Cerreto. Our suggestions, made with sustainability and energy savings in mind, are much appreciated by all our customers, both in Italy and abroad, as proof that the protection of the environment is becoming a fundamental element for those of us who look to the future.

These are just some of the initiatives and strategic choices adopted in recent years, but they are examples that go a long way towards proving that the concept of Sustainability has become an integral part of our corporate culture. A concrete contribution towards safeguarding the Planet and protecting everyone’s health.