A future based on collaboration, economic growth and social well-being: these are the prospects of the meeting held in Rome’s Sudanese Embassy on 26 July last. Event guests included six leading Italian companies leaders in the Italian in the agri-food sector and the Sudanese Minister for Agriculture H.E. Eltahir Ismail Mohamed HARBI.

After a long period of isolation and the revocation of western sanctions, Sudan returns to the international markets to make deals and partnerships to relaunch its Country’s economy. Ocrim, together with another six Italian companies was selected by MADEX srl as one of the “excellences” of the Italian national agri-food scenario to meet the new Minister for Agriculture of the Sudanese Government, H.E. Eltahir Ismail Mohamed HARBI. The Chief Executive Officer, Alberto Antolini, as legal representative, and the Area Manager Luigi Caterina took part in the event. The Company presentation highlighted the driving force of Ocrim, the only company present able to provide a full service for the Country’s development plan thanks to its FARM TO FORK concept – from seed to plate – and the contribution that each chain partner can provide.

The Minister himself acknowledged that Ocrim was an ideal partner for his Country’s agri-food development. He expressed his appreciation for the contribution that the historical Italian company can offer to the Sudan market structures in terms of know-how, innovation and training.