“Il Sole 24 ore, the most authoritative daily newspaper of the Italian economy, interviews Alberto Antolini, Ocrim CEO. In the “Face to Face Comments” column, the article entitled “We bring all-Italian hi-tech to the world without being globalized” reveals the corporate strategies that go against the flow.

The front page of  “Il Sole 24 Ore” for Sunday 19 September carries a preview of the interview with Alberto Antolini, in which he describes the history of the company and its strategies for global development during the Covid emergency.  The CEO summarised the Company’s work: “We construct our milling machinery with all the care and attention of a tailor, designing all the components in Italy and then assembling them at their final destination. Making flour is not a simple affair, even if the result is always white. We build one-off machines. Every country has different needs, and we provide machinery in integrated systems with an added technological component​.”

In doing this, Ocrim has bucked the general trend towards globalisation. Indeed, the Company already decided in 2008 to bring all its manufacturing in-house, setting up a single system for its Italian production chain and offering a complete service rather than individual products. As the CEO pointed out: “We do not ask other businesses to build our components. Made in Italy production, home-made, means everything to us. And the years seem to have proved us right.”As part of this process, Ocrim has acquired holdings in the BF S.p.A. group and Ghigi 1870 and has recently set up the first mill of the Milling Hub industrial complex.

The interview also highlights the company’s current successes​​: The pandemic has not stopped investments in new milling plants (…). We have signed contracts for some major plants in the Philippines, Cameroon and North Dakota.”