20 years ago Ocrim S.p.A. built a 400 T/24h soft and durum wheat mill for Molini Valente – Nova S.p.A. Ocrim designed the mill with foresight, in a way that it could be further extended and modernised. This smart decision, anticipating future market trends, made it possible to integrate a new production line. The Ocrim team recently tested a 3 T/h line for the production of special flours as well as the automation system, which was completely modernised and integrated with current company’s IT systems. A new market segment is now opening up for top players like Molini Valente, which occupies a strong position in the production of traditional flours.

The historic collaboration with Molini Valente dates back to 1997, when Ocrim built a plant for processing soft and durum wheat with a daily output of 400 tons. Ocrim’s customers came from all around the world to visit this plant considered to be ahead of its times. The company was then further expanded over the years, allowing it to remain in a prominent position firmly among the top producers of traditional flours. The plant has been running at full speed for over 20 years, and this is evidence in itself of great technological expertise. It also demonstrates Ocrim’s exceptional ability to know how to look far ahead and design a plant that could be integrated with a new production line, while ensuring considerable financial savings. An opportunity arose in 2019 when Anna and Andrea Valente, owners of the mill, decided to also produce special flours for big players, and once again turned to Ocrim. The new 3T/h production line,  includes storage, mixing of different types of cereals and derivatives, grinding with a stone mill, a sanitisation process and an innovative roasting system. At the same time, Ocrim revamped the automation system which, with the @management package, is now able to communicate with the company’s IT systems and trace every single batch of products.

Molini Valente – Nova S.p.A., between tradition and innovation

Two centuries of family tradition in the art of milling and increasingly innovative quality standards on the horizon. Nova spa, owner of the Molini Valente and Molino Novelli brands, is a model company in continuous expansion that sets itself strict quality criteria and has been studied by technicians from all over the world. The Felizzano plant, located at a crossroads between Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria, grinds 400 tons of soft wheat and other cereals every day, offering an extensive range of blends and flours under the Molini Valente, Novelli, Piemolino and  Vitala brand, as well as specific customised products for individual customers.   The siblings Anna and Andrea Valente, at the helm of the company, engage daily in the pursuit of perfect quality and food safety with the guarantee of state-of-the-art certifications, laboratories and control instruments. Each of their choices speaks of a great love for the Planet and respect for Man, such as the decision to create a link to the railway network in order to reduce traffic and pollution caused by transport of its goods by road. Each train of wheat removes 50 trucks from the road network and helps make the supply chain more sustainable and environmentally friendly