Another leading Italian agro-food company has signed a contract with Ocrim for complete replacement of its milling systems. Polselli Spa has been in the same family for three generations, milling high quality flour for the production of bread, pizza and cakes, with sales within Italy and abroad. Polselli has an all-Italian supply chain, carefully checked and traced at every stage, and has now chosen Ocrim’s expertise and Italian-made systems to update its plant, using the very latest technological solutions. 

A relationship of trust is built up gradually over time, by valuing the customer’s needs and providing prompt and effective responses.  This process of building relations is very important to Ocrim, and is an attribute that sets it apart on the market. The contract signed this year with the Polselli flour-mill is a good example in this context. This is a recent business relationship in the formal sense, but the Polselli family have often been welcome guests at the Ocrim Open Days. During these events, they have had a chance to learn about the company and to get to know its management and designers, exchanging ideas and sharing technical knowledge.

The current project is designed to reflect the Polselli family’s particular company vision, and is based on a combination of innovation and food safety. The Polselli management discussed the details and aims of the scheme with Alberto Antolini (CEO of Ocrim) and Stefano Mazzini (DCO), before handing it over to Ocrim to carry it out with a combination of advanced technology and organizational skills. The Ocrim team is already at work: the technicians are planning to update the entire soft wheat production plant, which currently has a capacity of over 300 T/24hrs.

Polselli Spa was established in the early twentieth century in the province of Frosinone, beginning life as a small artisan concern. However, over the course of three generations the company has turned itself into one of the leading names in the Italian agro-food sector, producing excellent flours for making bread, cakes and pizza. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of the whole family, the company has won the confidence of the markets, with the high quality of its products always guaranteed by a short, fully controlled and traceable supply chain. The company offers a huge variety of flours and mixtures in packages of various sizes, allowing artisans to customise their production without any loss of quality or flavour in its essential properties. The Polselli Academy is open to anyone wishing to learn the craft of working with flour, and reflects the importance placed by this family on spreading a culture of milling based on tradition, innovation and research.