The Ocrim Ceo, Alberto Antolini, shares a fundamental passage from the end-of-year speech by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, for wishing a happy new year to everybody.

I want to share a fundamental passage from the end-of-year message from the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella:

“Italy has the necessary resources to face the challenges of the new times. Thinking about the future of our society, I am reminded of the gaze of so many young people I have met over the years. Young people who are involved in voluntary work, young people who distinguish themselves in their studies, young people who love their work, young people who – as is necessary – become involved in the life of institutions, young people who want to learn and understand, young people who emerge in sports, young people who have suffered under difficult conditions and who are climbing the ladder by taking a new path.

Young people are bearers of their own originality, their own freedom. They are different from those who have gone before them. And they ask that the baton is not withheld from their hands.

To the new generations I feel I have to say: don’t stop, don’t get discouraged, take your future because only in this way will you give it to society.”

Remembering the past is good for those who have been there, but it can also help those who have not lived it so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

The common goal is to try to live the present moment, already complex and unpredictable, which has all the challenges necessary to train the same skills that will be useful for managing the complexity of tomorrow.

My generation paid no attention to the path of life, trusting in a better future than the present.

Happy New Year to everyone but above all to those who will live for all of us too, free and original.

Alberto Antolini