Our crew landed on alien ground and now is ready to provide the necessary help. The operation will allow the aliens to continue their activities to meet their needs. To preserve an efficient and safe plant is very important. Just think about it: the individual’s daily requirement for flour is about 150 g per day. If even one percentage point of yield were lost on a 600T / 24 h plant, as many as 30,000 people would be left without flour. Ocrim’s journey leads us to consider how important resources and productivity are, moreover it opens us to new unexplored possibilities. Stay tuned with our crew in this third episode.

Stardate: 2022.04.13 – Audio Contact 761- k4

<<MIRCO1 to ground control. MIRCO1 to ground control, can you hear me? Captain Antolin speaking >>.

<< We touched the ground, i repeat: successful landing. Excitement and tension are evident in all of us, but there is enthusiasm and pride in the entire Ocrim crew. At the moment we are in the middle of a circle indicated by the inhabitants of the Planet as a collection point >>.

<< From the Chem7 department, Dr. IDA is sharing the first data on the analysis of the atmosphere: the light of their Sun, to our eyes, seems very strange, and the oscillations of the quartz in the control room seem to indicate a different flow of time with respect to the Earth >>.

<< The first visual contact from the porthole and the TurboStar’s spectroscopic scanner revealed a world completely covered with wheat, but we hope to give you confirmation of the true nature after the biomolecular analyses >>.

<< We cannot hide a certain surprise and melancholy: the vision of these infinite expanses of wheat, brought us back for a moment to our life on Earth and to our loved ones. Be aware to be on the edge of the Universe and discover all this, makes us reflect on how fascinating, but also precious, our raw material and our Planet are >>.

<< We are getting ready to spend the first extra-solar night, not without a bit of restlessness and questions to which we hope to answer you as soon as possible >>.

<< At the moment we have not had any contact with the Intelligences.  We will try to set up another audio bridge by the 27th of April>>.

<< Spread the video of our journey: it could represent a safety anchor in case of an unpredictable quantum leap in another Universe >>.

End of transmission.