Augeo Art Space presents “La pelle del colore” (“The color skin”) exhibition. The works of Giovanni Lombardini and Edward Evans win over for the chromatic suggestions and for the research of experimental pictorial techniques. Two artists, two unmistakable styles and a common language that unites Rimini and the United States. An exhibition not to be missed that will be displayed February 17th to April 7th.

The exhibition was inaugurated only a few days ago and has already impressed the audience with its chromatic power and kaleidoscopic forms of the works on display at the Augeo Art Space, the center for contemporary art located in Rimini.

Traveling Into The Color.

 To better understand the meaning of the title “La pelle del colore” (“The color skin”), we rely on the words of Sabrina Marin, a critical and art historian: “The skin is a covering, a filter that hides a hidden, that envelops a ‘not visible’ but that exists and pulsates under it. Likewise, color is a pure coating of the canvas, which if observed more deeply allows us to enter into a universe of our own, up to create the experience of the journey “. Both artists, despite the diversity of their artistic paths and backgrounds from which they come, are united by the “color skin”, that is the way they manage to let you enter into the work, accompanying you on a multi-sensory journey made of colors and contrasts of light. The contemporary Italian art of Giovanni Lombardini and the American art of Edward Evans meet for the first time and impress the visitor for the personal interpretation of the color obtained with alternative techniques and materials.

The Art Of Poor Materials.

Giovanni Lombardini – born in Coriano, Italy in 1950 – has studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Urbino, then return to Romagna where he lives and works. As of today, more than a hundred personal and collective exhibitions have hosted him in Italy and abroad. The research and use of poor materials recur in all his works: grass, flower petals, the writings and the stars made of soap, up to the most recent technological and unusual materials such as shiny non-absorbent surfaces, manual tracings of objects and people on painted foil, the pouring paint containing copper and bronze on blank radiographic films and molten cast iron blending with soap.

The Artistic Meditation Of Evans.

Even Edward Evans, like Lombardini, doesn’t use the brush but relies on experimental and innovative tools such as the airbrush, creating moved, embossed, rippled surfaces that evoke the folds and wrinkles of the skin. “My long-time experience – says Evans – with airbrush painting enables me to create a flowing illusionism … I work in a meditative state, trusting in instincts and feelings, enabling thoughts and memories to become embedded into my paintings “. Born and raised in Minnesota, Evans has more than 200 exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and he is Professor Emeritus of Art at Southwest Minnesota State University.

These two artists have the ability to communicate with a universal language yet so unique and personal, in a counterpoint of effects, lights, shapes and colors that intensely involve the viewer. An interesting exhibition that deserves a visit to the Augeo Art Space.

 “La pelle del colore” (“The color skin”) exhibition, on display until April 7th, is part of the Cartello Rimini project (promoted by Augeo Art Space and Angolo della Cornice) which aims the divulgation of the local artists over the boundaries.