OCRIM, Paglierani and Ghigi are the sponsors of the third edition of Romagna Wild Race, the race of Mud Run that took place on July 28th at Poggio Torriana (RN). Over 200 participants are faced with steep climbs, mud swamps, natural and artificial obstacles in an atmosphere of pure fun and team spirit. A well-organized industrial-sport partnership, in a spirit of psycho-physical wellbeing.

Mud Run: Not Just Running

Run, jump, crawl, climb, swim and then still run, roll, jump, climb. This is how the Mud Run sports event takes place. Imported from the USA, the Mud Run has been excited Italian people with over 1000 events a year. What does it consist of? It consists in a running along a course, immersed in the nature, that foresees the crossing of natural and artificial obstacles, water courses and muddy swamps, a demanding race but that, according to the 200 participants of the 3rd Romagna Wild Race edition, is pure fun. The excuse of a race to de-stress from the everyday life, which in itself is an obstacle course. An invaluable satisfaction to reach the finish line covered with mud and happy to have passed a test that requires a considerable athletic effort. Although they were exhausted and literally without words, the faces of the participants told all the emotions of an experience that involved body, mind and spirit. In fact, the muscles are not enough. It also puts into play the ability not to give up (it’s like making a full of self-esteem), the ability to know how to balance instinct and reason to overcome obstacles, to make teamwork, staying with friends, encouraging each other, helping each other in the most difficult situations. A spirit in which the founding values of OCRIM, Paglierani and Ghigi are identified that not only sponsored the race, but also gave a concrete organizational contribution. Paglierani hosted the event in its own Torriana factory and supplied material and equipment for the construction of the ramp: an obstacle over 5 meters high that has created not a few headaches to the participants. Ghigi, instead, has enriched each race pack gift with excellent 100% Italian pasta, as a symbolic strengthener to the concept of well-being that connects all sports activities and which is directly reflected in the mission of the agri-food supply chain, constantly active in the promotion of health.

Report Of An Announced Strain

As early as 8 a.m., over 200 participants crowded the Paglierani headquarters, bringing with them friends and fans. The race started at 10 a.m. The athletes, divided into batteries, started at the bang burst, all with a smile on their lips and full of energy. The course, made more challenging by the scorching sun of July, has put to the test the resistance of the participants. A first plain part, surrounded by nature, also included the crossing of a stretch of the Marecchia river by swimming. A second part, really hard, has seen the most critical point in a steep and slippery hill, necessary to reach the town of Torriana. And finally, a last part inside the Paglierani headquarters, with the presence of an imposing and spectacular construction in wood and iron that required the crossing of 3 types of obstacles: ramp, subsequent descent to track and passage with pipes and hanging ropes. At the end of the competition the excellent Ghigi pasta was served and seasoned with meat sauce as per Romagna tradition. In the afternoon, athletes and the public gradually left the event, exhausted but, judging by the smiles, satisfied with the event just ended.