With a TV commercial that stages the fields of Jolanda di Savoia estate (FE), the second phase of the launch campaign of the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand started. This range of food products -characterized by a short food supply chain and produced by Bonifiche Ferraresi – includes pasta, rice and infusions, but soon legumes and cereals will also be available. The production is running at full capacity to complete the distribution in the Italian GDO stores.

The “Great Italian Agriculture” Is Served

Bonifiche Ferraresi, the largest Italian farm with over 6,500 hectares of usable agricultural area, is arrived directly on the Italians tables with a products line under the brand “Le Stagioni d’Italia”. Strengthened by a unique and totally controlled production chain, the brand offers the consumer a quality level of excellence with a range of products that responds to the rules of the Mediterranean diet, both for variety and local characteristics, and for respect of seasonal cycles. Pasta, rice and herbal infusions are already on the shelves and, soon, will be joined by legumes and cereals. The “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand therefore launches a new model of relationship between products and the final consumer. Under the banner “The Great Italian Agriculture”, the message was published on the major social networks and newspapers and then entrusted to a TV commercial of 7 ” and 30″. On the notes of the Symphony No.2 Resurrection of Uri Caine after Gustav Mahler, the TV advertisement tells the story of the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” through a sequence of cultivated fields, filmed from above, and the work of the farmer, the character-symbol of a world and a mentality that have evolved mixing tradition and precision farming. The farmer is the main character that “knows every clod and takes care of it with new caresses: he knows when each clod is hungry, thirsty, sleepy …”. Behind the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” there is the new era of Italian agriculture, there is the performance of its work and the success of an organization that controls the entire supply chain and brings it in the consumers houses. “From field to table”, is the concept that the TV advertisement affirms when the design of the fields becomes the pattern of the packaging. The commercial distribution of the products of the entire “Le Stagioni d’Italia” line will shortly cover the main brands of the Italian GDO (Conad, Esselunga, Coop, Carrefour) excluding discounters.