One of De Lotto Group plants, located in Volpago del Montello (Treviso-Italy), will soon have a new plant for processing maize, with a capacity of 240T/24h. Ocrim will realize it with an innovative project that involves the automation of the whole process and reduced maintenance costs.

A State-Of-The-Art Plant

The production strategy of De Lotto Group aims on technological innovation with the construction of a state-of-the-art plant. The project, developed by Ocrim, involves the Volpago del Montello plant, located in Treviso province, in the north of Italy. It’s one of the Group’s four drying and storage centres. It will have a production capacity of 240T/24h and will work autonomously, thanks to the completely automated processing process. This is a plant for processing corn with a particularly innovative technology that, thanks to the two types of degermination (dry and wet), will allow to produce splits for cornflakes and, simultaneously, different types of grits for the production of beer, polenta and extruded, as well as ensuring the separation of the germ by oil extraction. A state-of-the-art project that will guarantee a high hygienic-sanitary quality of the product obtained and a significant reduction in maintenance costs. Innovation, sustainability and traceability of the product are the cornerstones of this project with which De Lotto Group aims to achieve high quality goals. One of the most important choices concerns the processed raw material: it’s used locally produced maize with specific varieties. This is an important decision that will allow to obtain a short and totally traced supply chain. Environmental sustainability is another aspect that is particularly close to De Lotto Group, which uses clean energy produced by a hydroelectric plant. In the picture: Alberto Antolini, left, Ocrim CEO and Tiziano De Lotto Chairman of De Lotto Group.

De Lotto Group

Between Friuli and Veneto regions there is a territory with no less than 13 collection centres and 4 drying and storage centres that De Lotto Group has built in seventy years of family business, now in its third generation. The origins date back to 1857 and for a long time all the members of De Lotto family were being millers. This tradition has carried forward also by the father of the current owners (grandfather Francesco) who has distinguished himself for some brilliant inventions (patents and new development projects). Thanks to his great passion, the encouragement of his wife Olga and following the intuitions of his sons Tiziano and Ivano, he has dedicated himself to the cereals drying (maize, wheat, barley, soybeans and rapeseed) and to the processing of products for zootechnical and human use. The expansion process now also involves the nephews Francesco, Barbara, Andrea and Elisa who, with equal passion, support the parents in the management of the Group.