Cremona, Italy – Ocrim S.p.A. and Molitecnica S.r.l. on April 2 sign a strategic alliance for the supply of nixtamalized corn flour plants. Tradition and experience combine two historical companies in the milling industry.

An All-Italian Agreement

On April 2, at HomeOcrim house, the CEOs of Ocrim and Molitecnica – respectively Alberto Antolini and Massimo Arduini – inked a partnership for the construction of plants producing nixtamalized corn flour for tortillas, arepas, snacks and chips. A combination of skills and knowledge: Molitecnica will provide the know-how and technology necessary for the design of the plants, while Ocrim, due to its strong global presence and its deep involvement in the market, will market and sell these plants, in addition to supplying machines necessary for the main plant sections. From this union high-technology nixtamalized flour plants, characterized by minimum water consumption and energy savings, will be supplied worldwide aimed at producing an excellent product with high yield. Plants will be small to mid-size in capacity and will be equipped both with Molitecnica machines and with the key Ocrim process machines, thus guaranteeing high performance.

Molitecnica Srl

Molitecnica Srl, based in Bologna (Italy), has been operating in the milling industry since 1965. For several years it has dedicated itself to the construction of plants for the production of nixtamalized flour (in Spanish “masa harina”) and other alternative flours, such as tapioca flour, obtained from the cassava tuber (also called yuca). These are products typically used in the recipes of Central/South American gastronomy, but which are gradually spreading worldwide. Molitecnica’s presence in Central and South America markets is significant, including Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala and Venezuela. Ocrim also operates in these countries but above all operates exponentially throughout the rest of the world and it’s for this reason that the new partnership with Molitecnica will contribute to broadening the horizons of the latter and its presence on the world market. Molitecnica will be present at our annual event “Grano, Farina, E …” (“Wheat, Flour, And…”) that will be held from 14 to 15 September 2019, as a guest speaker to talk about nixtamalized flour and its uses.