It is the fixed appointment. When we celebrate Saint Homobonus, the patron saint of Cremona, the members of GLAO association (Ocrim older workers group) gather to spend a day together. They talk about everything, but above all about the years spent in Ocrim. Years that have contributed to making what Ocrim is today, as stated by Stefano Mazzini – Ocrim Commercial Director – bringing the corporate greetings.

The Fil Rouge Which Bonds 110 People

It’s nice to meet again; year after year there is always a bit of emotion in telling oneself and in remembering that long period spent together, working side by side. They recall friendly episodes, remember the passed away colleagues and the difficult moments with a note of pride for having helped to overcome them. The sense of belonging to the Ocrim world is always very strong and in the heart of every older worker a piece of company history is impressed. A story made of commitment, sacrifices and a great desire to build something special, a business model devoted to innovation and excellence. Thanks guys that goal has been reached, but there are always new ones waiting for us and, with your help and newcomers, we will conquer them. The 13th of November it’s the day that every year the GLAO members shared a ritual, respecting in all of its expressions: the expression of gratitude with the early morning visit to the cemetery in honour of Guido Grassi (Ocrim founder) and and his daughter Mrs. Fausta who, during her life, was President and CEO; the expression of prayer with the holy mass and the expression of conviviality with a nice chats and good food, offered by the company management. The fil rouge which bonds the Ocrim Older Workers Group, however, is not just about history – as stated Mr. Franco Schintu, GLAO President, during his welcome speech – because these 110 men and women, retirees and employees with over 15 years of seniority, have a very specific social role, as pointed out in the article two of the GLAO Statute: “make the contribution of experience and conscious balance acquired by the elderly available to the Company and its employees through the long period of service provided, in order to raise the moral value of the collaborative contribution in society and in the workplace; to facilitate the resolution of social problems and the fraternization of all the participants in the production process”.

Stefano Mazzini, Ocrim Commercial Director, also reminded this in his speech, during which he also spoke about the recent goals achieved: “I want to tell you what is happening today in the company, the result of all those who work there and who have worked, included obviously  you who have created something and who have passed it on to new generations. The company, meanwhile, has made great strides, riding the wave of new countries. We have acquired new projects and completed milling plants for example in Pakistan, Germany, Italy, USA and Philippines”. Stefano Mazzini concluded his speech dedicating an affectionate thanks to Mrs. Mirella Grassi, one of the four daughters of the Ocrim founder and godmother of the reunion and bringing to all the greetings of the company’s management. The day continued in the best way, with a “fierce” briscola competition that ended with the award ceremony of the first four couples. Among the greetings and hugs of farewell the promise of everyone to meet again next year, same day and same spirit of brotherhood.