On the eclectic stage of Augeo Art Space, the Befana brought an original dancing afternoon for charity as a gift. The “Cosmic Dancer” show was interpreted by children and young dancers of the Borgo San Giovanni Lab School (Rimini) with the participation of students from the Teatro alla Scala Academy in Milan. The initiative is part of the rich calendar of cultural events that Sergio Antolini, Augeo’s founder, offers to the citizens of his beloved city every year.

When The Show Cultivates The Children’s Imagination

The “Cosmic Dancer” show tells the story of a little girl who wants to be a dancer, but without shoes that trap her feet. She wants to become a ‘cosmic dancer’ by rocking herself upside down by a star and rising in flight hanging on a cloud. But it isn’t easy as she thought: the stars are so far away, and the clouds flee through her fingers. Nature itself will help her, through the chorus of its voices and of an old lady: the Befana.

On last Monday, 6 January Augeo Art Space celebrated the Epiphany with a dancing afternoon and nursery rhymes dedicated to the “old lady”, giving the Rimini families a cultural event full of suggestions. The classical ballet event, curated by the expert artistic direction of Yuki Imaizumi and narrated by the actor-dancer Enrico Frisoni, was interpreted by the young dancers of the Borgo San Giacomo Lab School, with the participation of students from the Teatro La Scala Academy in Milan. The protagonists of the show are the professional dancer Cristina Pavone and the young dancer Dea Gerasimova, attended the first pre-academic course of classical ballet. On this occasion, Augeo invited the teacher Valentina Di Staso (professor of the Teatro alla Scala Academy) who held, right in the Augeo spaces, two propaedeutic masterclasses in preparation for the pre-academic classical ballet, one for students of 6-8 years, and the second for students of 9-11 years. The proceeds of the event and the sale of 120 books for children, offered by a local company, was donated to the “ASSOCIAZIONE SEGNO”, a no-profit organization and children’s shelter located in Montefiore Conca (www.associazionesegno.com ).

Five years have already passed since Sergio Antolini, Ocrim President, transformed the spaces of the seventeenth-century Palazzo Spina, in the historic centre of Rimini, into the current Augeo Art Space, a cultural stage capable of changing its appearance, evening after evening, to host events that can give well-being to the body and soul. It’s the main goal that Sergio Antolini had in mind when he started this project to become an integral part of city life. In a recent interview with a local newspaper, he says I invest in culture because I love this city. In recent years, the administration has done its best to restore vitality and luster to the historic centre; I think it’s now the turn, for us entrepreneurs, to do our part”.

The results and the great participation of the public have proved him right and for this year a large calendar of initiatives is ready promoting the well-being of those who live in this magical city.