English Hotel and Catering industry has chosen the excellence of the Bonifiche Ferraresi brand, “Le Stagioni d’Italia”. Pasta, rice, olive oil and the ancient durum wheat variety “Senatore Cappelli” will land in London, the European reference point for gastronomic multiculturalism. The return to the native land that in 1871 gave birth to the current Bonifiche Ferraresi company.

Few people know that the Bonifiche Ferraresi’s story begins in Great Britain. A long time has passed since 1871 when, in Anglo-Saxon land and financed by English businessmen and Italian bankers, Bonifiche Ferraresi was born, established under the name of “Ferrarese Land Reclamation Company Limited”. The business purpose was the “reclamation of lakes, the purchase of marshland and lands around Ferrara and in other locations in the Kingdom of Italy, as well as the construction or purchase of canals, waterways, irrigation work, piers, docks, railways, roads, buildings, and railway engines”. It was authorised to operate in the Kingdom of Italy under the name “Società per la Bonifica dei Terreni Ferraresi in January 1872, starting the path of excellence that will lead the company to become the largest Italian farm. A goal marked by important milestones, such as the entry of the Bank of Italy as the majority shareholder, in 1942, the listing on the Italian Stock Exchange in 1947 and the turning point in 2014 when a consortium of private individuals took over the shares of the Bank of Italy, creating an advanced European agricultural center. Finally, in 2018, the creation of the BF brand, “Le Stagioni d’Italia” whose products, in a short time, received the appreciation of the best gourmands.

A brand that encompasses the principles of a policy geared towards the production of high quality and attention to the environment, made possible by the combination of innovative choices, such as precision agriculture, and respect for the great Italian agricultural tradition. The result is a selection of short-chain products entirely controlled by the genome on the shelf to guarantee the authenticity and unmistakable taste of typical 100% Italian products. These are the best conditions to arrive also on English food service industry (HORECA). In fact, the news that Bonifiche Ferraresi, with the brand “Le Stagioni d’Italia”, has landed in the heart of England is of these days: precisely in London which in recent times has made of gastronomic multiculturalism, with a strong Italian presence, one of its main assets in terms of economic attractiveness. A triumphant return to home. At this time the references that will land on the English market are: rice, pasta and olive oil. Among these, the brand’s flagship could not miss: the durum wheat pasta “Senatore Cappelli”, an ancient variety of Italian durum wheat characterized by high nutritional properties, with a lower gluten content than other durum wheat, a high protein percentage, the presence of trace elements (magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc) and B vitamins and E vitamin. None of this would be possible without the fundamental characteristic of the “Le Stagioni d ‘Italia” product range: the Italianity, from which everything is born. The Italian agriculture is once again the protagonist in the world market.