Federico Fellini was born on January 20th, 1920. He has been one of the most brilliant director of world Cinema: the immortal genius. Many events and editorials of prestigious international magazines dedicated attention to the great artist. Rimini, his hometown, has organized a “fantastic journey” through artistic, musical, gastronomic and circus events that the Maestro would have liked a lot. Among the many initiatives, there’s the exhibition “Perspectives” by the painter Massimo Volonté, at the Augeo Art Space gallery, which offers an interesting interpretation of Fellini’s metaphysics.

Rimini Pays Homage To The Maestro

Great public success for the event “Snaporaz, the journey”, organized by Augeo Art Space, the Municipality of Rimini and the famous Fulgor Cinema and sponsored by Bonifiche Ferraresi and Le Stagioni d’Italia to celebrate the centenary of the Federico Fellini’s birth. On Saturday January 25th, during a talk show, the semiologist Paolo Fabbri and the poet Rosita Copioli, moderated by the director Marco Bertozzi, delved into the themes of travel and dreams that was so close to Fellini’s heart. Themes that also recur in the Perspectives” exhibition, proposed by Augeo Art Space (scheduled until February 18), interpreted in a metaphysical key by the artist Massimo Volonté. More than 30 works accompany visitors along a path made of mental images that transform visions into reality, starting from urban landscapes, going from abstract suggestions of volumes and boxes, to figurative works. The artist, known for his material experiments, has also created a carpet – pink Origami – which offers a new point of view, proposing a horizontal development in relation to the position of the observer.

The celebrations, however, began on January 20, the day of Federico’s 100th birthday with a whole series of events, including the presentation of the book “Fellin inedito” by Jonathan Giustini, the evocative installationEx voto Pgnr” by Vittorio D’Augusta, an exhibition of unpublished photos, etc. Rimini has paid homage to the Maestro with a phantasmagorical party in pure Fellini’s style. A colorful parade, starting from the Sigismodo castle, has gone through the city led by figures and a parade of children with the drawings of their dreams, guided by the Musicians of San Crispino. In the evening, more than 3,000 Rimini citizens and tourists, who came for the occasion, witnessed in Piazza Cavour the cutting of the monumental Dream Cake – about 2 meters high – prepared by the internationally renowned pastry chef Roberto Rinaldini. Before tasting the cake, the public gathered for the show of Kai Leclerc, the internationally acclaimed illusionist and performer. The day ended at the Galli Theater with a concert, directed by Maestro Vince Tempera, to wish “Happy birthday Federico” through the music that made Fellini’s films immortal. During the day, Castel Sismondo hosted Poste Italiane, on the occasion of the issue of a stamp dedicated to the centenary of Fellini’s birth. Also, it was announced that, at the end of this year, the international museum dedicated to Fellini will be inaugurated.

The party doesn’t end here, it will last all year with events that will be revealed month by month and that will involve embassies and consulates to spread the memory of Maestro Federico Fellini and the Rimini culture throughout the world. A rich and varied calendar which, as the international magazine Forbes points out, invites you to discover the Renaissance of Fellini’s Rimini.