Everything proceeds regularly, without interruption, in the Italian agri-food chains. Supermarket shelves are full and replenished daily thanks to the commitment of 3.6 million workers who continue to produce, farm, process, transport and distribute food. In total safety, as indicated by the strict guidelines to contrast the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace. In addition, Coldiretti and Filiera Italia association have promoted an initiative that brings together farmers, industries and large-scale distribution to jointly face possible speculations.

Made In Italy Food Products: Well Known For Quality and Safety

The activity doesn’t stop in the 740 thousand farms and in the 70 thousand food processing companies; everything proceeds regularly, the shelves of the large-scale distribution are supplied daily. A choral commitment that finds the right recognition in the response of consumers who, increasingly numerous, buy Italian products. “Those who choose Italian food products, choose safety, commitment, responsibility”. This is the title with which Filiera Italia association launches its appeal together with Coldiretti and to which all the signs of large-scale distribution have adhered against possible speculations on food from fields to tables. All together in the “Salva Spesa Made in Italy” to counter incorrect actions that may affect consumer prices or the regularity of supplies and to keep the operations of the large Italian agri-food supply chain always transparent and traceable. A further demonstration of seriousness that distinguishes Italian agricultural production.

“Every day – continues the announcement 3.6 million workers cultivate, farm, process, transport and distribute all the food products that the country needs. Products that our consumers always find available on the large-scale distribution shelves. Even in these moments of emergency, the production, logistics and distribution chain has managed to guarantee the necessary goods for all Italian families. There’s only one way to thank all these people for their sacrifice and a strong sense of responsibility: whenever you can ask and buy Italian products “.

One of the aims is to monitor and avoid unfair commercial practices “by ensuring that those who adopt correct and transparent commercial practices are rewarded and valued along the entire supply chain, excluding and denouncing anyone who can think in such a delicate moment of speculating or taking advantage of shortage situations or excess product by lowering the price unjustifiably to those who produce with sacrifice or increasing it equally unjustifiably on the most requested products. We ask the government and public authorities to help us in the work of supplying Italians with essential goods, with simple and clear measures that allow with maximum possible safety the continuity of the cultivation, production, transformation and distribution of convenience goods. We will make all the necessary efforts and we invite all the other agri-food organizations to adhere to these commitments and join us in this battle fought in the interest of a virtuous supply chain, of Italian citizens and more generally of our wonderful country “.