Come with us. Let us guide you inside the company through a tour to watch the life after lockdown. A few minutes are enough to show you how Ocrim got back in game. Let’s move from one department to another, giving you also an overhead glimpse of various production sites It is comforting to be back to ‘normal’ again, after feeling like it would never be the same again. We are now running at full operation. Is it the same like before? Apparently it is, and yet something has changed in the heart of each of us. The fear and isolation of the last few months have brought about a new awareness, making us reassess those values that have faded a little over time: family, sharing, friendship, our tricolor. We are experiencing a new start, a new way of appreciating life and every little gesture of everyday life that we used to take for granted. And so we realize that there is always a silver lining, even in the worst situations.